Level 1 Healings

Welcome to my Level 1 Healings page!

Done in person or remotely, there are four kinds of level 1 healings. Unlike the other levels, you are free to participate in them in whatever order feels best — though I do recommend prioritizing the Group Starlight Healings for reasons mentioned below. 

For each healing, I’ve stated how many are required to qualify for level 2 next to “Number required”. As with all of my private sessions in other levels, you may repeat each as many times as you’d like, and at any time. 

Below is a brief summary of each level 1 service, which should assist you in knowing where to start. A link is provided after, leading you to complete information. 


Group Starlight Healing

Focus: All areas, including physical ailments, mental/emotional health, ancestral trauma, past life imprints
Cost: $77 ~ please register online via link below
Number required: 8 ceremonies

Next ceremony: Saturday, January 29th ~ 3:00 to 4:15pm Pacific Standard Time

Group Starlight Healing is a ceremony designed to support your journey of healing and empowerment through the power of the collective field — “where two or more gather” — which amplifies the vibratory resonance and potential of the ceremonial space. These ceremonies are no less powerful than private sessions. For many clients who have done private level 1 work with me, their healings in the group have been the most potent.

Ceremonies are scheduled for specific times, must be booked online, and are 75 minutes in duration. (Privates are booked directly with me and 50 minutes long). Given the number required and the fact that they are pre-scheduled, if you can make the date I recommend you prioritize these over the private sessions below. Or you can book both simultaneously, so long as they are at least one week apart

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“Vince’s work has been profoundly life changing. I recommend him 110% to assist you with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.” ~ Shelley


Individual Starlight Healing

Focus: All areas, including physical ailments, mental/emotional health, ancestral trauma, past life imprints
Cost: $130 
Number required: 1 session

Like Group Starlight Healing, these individual sessions focus on all areas. They are a good choice should you have a wide variety of issues you want to address. And, like the group sessions, they are particularly good at relieving chronic pain. 

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“The incredible relief I have experienced as a result of our work is nothing less than miraculous!” ~ Piper


Inner Star Child Healing

Focus: Inner star child and the relationship with the inner parent
Cost: $130 
Number required: 2 sessions

Inner Star Child Healing is a precious opportunity to bring the power and potential of your inner star child to life! Healing re-unites you with her, heart-to-heart, so you live, work and play as a united front in life’s infinite playground, interwoven in and as your soul star essence.

In certain cases, healing complex trauma is easier if the inner star child is sufficiently integrated with the inner parent. For this reason, alone, it’s sometimes good to begin with Inner Star Child Healing. 

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“In just one session, the Inner Star Child Healing has rekindled the uninhibited playful energy I felt as a child.” ~ Shauna


Sacred Divine Mother Healing

Focus: Relationship with the Divine Feminine, your biological mother, and your own inner mother 
Cost: $130 
Number required: 0

Sacred Divine Mother Healing is truly a blessing.

For most, this is a soothing experience, like receiving a warm blanket wrapped around you that gives the feeling of being held and loved in ways you may not have experienced as a child. Though this is not one of the requirements for level 2, it is recommended. Due to the sacredness of connecting with the Divine Mother, I feel strongly it is a healing you must choose under your own clear volition, not because you have to. 

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“Experiencing the Sacred Divine Mother Healing instantly filled the void of the motherly comfort I had been longing for.” ~ Annie