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“Engaging, motivating, joyous and uplifting are only a few of the many adjectives one could use to describe Vince as he invites you to walk with him on this journey called Remembering to Play. It has been over half a year since Vince gave his keynote address to our annual All Staff Gathering of 300+ and staff still smile and say “Yes AND…..!” when we do team-building or brainstorming events. I challenge you to reflect on how many keynote addresses have a shelf-life with staff like that!” ~ Theo Madeley, Director – Human Resources, Immigration Services Society of BC

Vince prides himself on being easy going and fun to work with. While he has his own specific needs for presenting, he is also sensitive to the needs of the conference and organization and will do his best to be flexible.

FEE: If you are interested in hiring Vince as a speaker, please call 604-566-0868. You can also call his cell at 778-990-0868 – not a bad option considering how much he is on the road! Vince prefers discussing fees on the phone. His price depends on the nature of your event and organization. Things he takes into consideration are:

  • whether your organization is corporate or non-profit
  • whether your event is regional, provincial/statewide, national or international
  • whether you are interested in a half, full or multi-day event
  • the length of travel involved in getting to and from the event
  • the number of participants

A 50% deposit and a signed program agreement will secure your date. The balance, as well as any travel expenses, will be invoiced after the event and due a month thereafter.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS & EXPENSES: Vince typically books his own travel arrangements from his home in Vancouver, Canada, but is happy to work with you / your travel agent if you prefer. Travel expenses are generally flight, food, accommodations, taxi/shuttle, parking and car rental (if necessary). Vince does his best to keep travel expenses down by booking economy class and choosing inexpensive eating options. He is flexible in how he gets to his hotel and event location, whether that be car rental, cab, shuttle or pick-up. As stated above, travel expenses paid by Vince are invoiced after the event.

PLAYSHOP DURATION: Full day playshops tend to run anywhere between 8:30am to 4:30pm. The range of time for half day playshops tends to be from 8:30am to 12:30pm, and 12:30pm to 4:30pm. The exact start and end time is dependent on such things as the length of time it will take participants to travel to the venue, and when you want lunch to be (lunch is usually 30-60 minutes long).

Evening playshops usually start no earlier than 6:00pm and end no later than 10:00pm. Things to consider when choosing a start and end time for an evening event include how long it takes people to travel to the venue, what time people usually finish dinner, and if people have to get up early to go to work the next day.

EQUIPMENT: For all keynotes and some playshops Vince requires a screen, projector, lapel or handheld wireless mic, and the ability to play music from his computer or phone. As a second choice, he can play music from a CD-playing boom box (which he’d need from you) so long as the system is loud enough. For large groups, unless the CD player is very loud, he will most likely need to use the house system via his phone or laptop. If he needs access to the internet he will let you know. For groups smaller than 40 he does not need a mic. All playshops also require a paper flip chart and markers. If he does not require A/V equipment, and only a flip chart, he will let you know.

ROOM SETUP: For keynotes, Vince is happy with the room being setup in the traditional round tables, theatre or fixed seating style. He does not use a podium, but loves the stage! He also requires a small table up front for him to put his materials and water on.

For playshops, which are more interactive, he requires chairs to be set up in a horseshoe with no tables except for two up front for him to place his materials and water on. For groups larger than 60 he suggests arranging the chairs in concentric horseshoes (for instance, two horseshoes of 30). Space is vital, so it is important that there is lots of room in the centre of the horseshoe (and ideally around it) as the participants will be using that space to mingle and do activities.

HANDOUTS: For playshops, Vince will email you handouts (in MS Word) for print approximately a week prior to the event. He requests that they are placed in folders/duotangs (for instance the kind that has an open pocket on either side when opened) which act like portable tables for them to write on. He also requires each participant to have a pen.

For keynotes, Vince does not give a copy of his Keynote slides, however he is happy to summarize the content for you in a MS Word document if appropriate.

NAME-TAGS: For team events (with groups of around 75 or less) Vince needs you to provide name tags not only for his benefit, but for the benefit of participants should they not know one another. Sticky name-tags are a cheap and easy option!

REGISTRATION: For organizations hosting public events, Vince suggests you tell people to arrive early for registration – 30-45 minutes prior to the event. It’s also worth emphasizing that the event will start right at (start time) and that you want everyone to arrive early.

INTRODUCTION: Vince is happy to have an introduction, and is also happy to introduce himself (he always takes a moment to share his background). Below is short introduction for you. If you are wondering how to pronounce his name, think Cow-min except with a G!

Vince Gowmon is the founder of Remembering to Play Events, and the author of Let the Fire Burn ~ Nurturing the Creative Spirit of Children, and Wild Empty Spaces ~ Poems for the Opening Heart. Since 2000 he has been leading keynotes, playshops and webinars for organizations, conferences and communities on topics such as Leadership, Communication, Creativity, Community Engagement and Play. His events are fun and interactive, leaving people inspired and with practical tools for work and life. He also offers somatic therapy and individual and team coaching in person, on the phone and via Skype.

Vince is trained as a Certified Professional Life Coach through one of the world’s top accredited coaching programs, The Coaches Training Institute, and their Leadership Program. He has also received advanced training in Organization Relationship and Systems Coaching through the Centre for Right Relationship. He is also a graduate of Simon Fraser University where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration focusing on Human Resources, Marketing and International Business. Currently Vince is studying Somatic Therapy through Opening to Grace Somatic Studies.

Vince has been featured in the media several times including BCTV, City TV, CKNW Radio and The Coaching Show. And he has given many hours volunteering at various organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society (Camp Goodtimes), North Vancouver Recreation Commission, Friends for Life (for people with life-threatening illnesses), and the Boys & Girls Club. 

HEADSHOTS & LOGO: Feel free to use one of the following headshots for your event, as well as Vince’s logo. Left click on the image to open it to full view, then right click and click Save Image As. Hover your cursor over an opened image and you can scroll through the images using the arrow on the right.