Individual Energy Healing

“I was drawn to Vince to explore the possibility of healing chronic pain and personal stress that I had been striving to treat through various modalities for more than a decade. What I hadn’t bargained for in Vince’s energy healing was a deep and profound uncovering of unconscious emotional trauma that had contributed to years of dis-ease. The incredible relief I have experienced as a result of our work is nothing less than miraculous! The previous approaches of physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, acupuncture and IMS, to name a few, did provide some relief, but none sustained a level of recovery, nor did they tap into the deeper layers of who I am. The combination of Vince’s intuitive listening along with his energy healing have freed me from chronic neck, trapezius and SI joint pain; clarity and vitality are much improved and I feel a renewed sense of self that had been buried and forgotten—all this after just one session. Who would have thought this could be accomplished from something many might think of as obscure? For anyone searching for healing, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, I have only two words for you: Vince Gowmon. His healing is an incredible gift to the world.” ~ Piper


Taken place either in person or on Zoom, individual healings are a step up in intensity as compared to group healings. Instead of energy being directed 8 ways, it is sent solely towards you.

You are being healed with the high frequency energy of starlight. This is a profoundly mysterious and revolutionary quantum approach to health and empowerment that leaves many of my clients in shock with the miraculous results. I’ve created a separate page where you can get more detailed information on how healing with starlight works. There you’ll find a list of issues either partially or fully addressed with this technology. This list includes everything from chronic hip pain, to anxiety, psoriasis, sleep troubles, creativity and much more. Also on the healing with starlight page I’ve included a short video that shares the story behind how this gift came to me and the impact it’s had on people’s lives.  


Individual versus Group Energy Healing: For those fairly new on the healing trail, I recommend group over individual energy healing. Individual sessions are stronger; because, as stated, instead of energy being apportioned 8 ways, it’s all transmitted to you. Receiving that much starlight energy requires a fairly open and regulated system. The less experienced people are in healing, the less open or more resistant they tend to be. I therefore recommend the slower, more gradual process of three “lighter doses” as the starting point. It’s easier to assimilate into the body, mind, soul. Once there is enough inner space then the individual sessions may be the better choice.

Ultimately, in determining group versus individual work, you must listen to your intuition; but this is my general recommendation. If you are unsure, please email me a short summary of your healing experience and current challenges and I’ll give you my suggestion. Or if you do an intake session with me (see below) we can determine the best route then.

For information on inner star child healing and how it compares, please click here.

In-person vs remote: In terms of general process and quality, there is no difference between the in-person and remote individual healing sessions. Both are equally powerful. It’s simply a matter of personal preference.  

Age limit: You must be at least 8 years of age to receive individual healings. However, I strongly recommend all young people, children and teens, begin their healing work with group energy healing, not the individual sessions. 

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant you can participate in group energy healing, but not the individual work. With the group work your child will be protected, but I cannot do that with the individual healings. 

Mixing modalities: I recommend you do not have energy work done about five days before and seven days after the healing. This includes osteopathy, cranial sacral work, and reiki. More “mechanical” modalities, such as massage and physiotherapy, are fine, as are spiritual practices like Qi Gong and Tai Chi. 

What if you don’t feel any changes? This concern arises occasionally. Because it’s a bit of a longer discussion point and pertains to all my healing services, I’ve listed my answers on this separate page

“Entering my individual energy healing session, I was a bit skeptical. At the time I was having chest / heart pain and the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. I was also struggling with shoulder issues and chronic anxiety and fear around death and dying. After just one session my chest / heart pain was gone and with no reoccurrence since, my shoulder pain reduced drastically, and the anxiety and fear completely disappeared, replaced with a sense of calm which is huge for me. Since the second session, I no longer feel a deep sense of rage in my belly and my emotional eating has gone away completely, to the point that I’m no longer even able to drink coffee or eat my favourite comfort foods. This blows my mind! I’m really excited to continue doing energy healing with Vince, and without any doubts about the power of this work. The level of calm and hopefulness I now feel is not something I expected. I am beyond happy given the number of years I’ve spent struggling and feeling heavy, dark and sad. Thank you Vince!” ~ Candice

There are 3 parts to the session:

1. Check-in: The session begins with a 15 minute conversation. The purpose is to check in, get a sense of existing challenges / ailments, and to create intentions for the healing.

2. Healing: Next is the 30 minute healing. We sit in our respective chairs in a dyad position, eyes closed, without physical contact or conversing. When the thirty minutes are complete, I gently bring you out of your state.

During the healing you can expect anything from physical discomfort, such as heat and nausea, to emotional release, insights and memories, as well as feelings of calm, joy and lightness. Feelings, such as disgust or even tears of joy, are part of the clearing process. Old energy / trauma is brought to the surface for release such that healthy and vital life force permeates the physiology and pain diminishes. 

3. Integration: The third and final stage is a 5-10 minute integration. By this time, people often feel spacey and light, and need a few minutes to ground in silence. We then proceed with another check-in, sharing what was experienced on both ends. We end by exploring next steps, such as if and when to reschedule.

I wish to also add that it is most helpful to the integrative process if you don’t have to rush off to a meeting, phone call, etc, right after the session. Having time to rest and reflect for even just 20 minutes after assists the psychophysiology to assimilate the healing.  


Though the healing can take weeks, if not months, to integrate, the key integration period is 5-7 days after. During this period, it’s common for people’s symptoms to get worse. The healings can temporarily intensify physical discomfort and dreams, cause nausea, or bring up a variety of unexpected emotions and memories. This unease in the body is part of the clearing and reorganization process. Old energy / trauma is brought to the surface for release so that healthy and vital life force permeates the physiology and pain diminishes. 

Setup for Zoom sessions:

If your healing is conducted remotely, please consider the following:

1. Physical space: The security and sanctitude of your physical environment is obviously important. Please be sure that you have uninterrupted time and that noise from humans and animals is limited as much as possible. 

2. Seating: An upright seat, such as one from your dining table, is preferable to a couch. For these sessions it’s important that you are comfortable, yet alert and upright, as if in a meditative position.  

3. Technology: Please ensure that landlines and cell phones are turned off (assuming you are not viewing me through your phone). As well, turn off notifications on your computer, and close any windows open on your browser that have noise from such things as social media notifications or advertisements. Please tend to this prior to our scheduled appointment. If you are not tech savvy, an easy solution is to just make sure all programs are closed except Zoom. 

Optional intake:

It can be helpful to begin our relationship with a 50 minute intake session, which would be a separate session altogether. The purpose of the intake is for us to build trust and connection, and for me to gather more information about your history, current challenges, and goals for working with me. It’s during the intake that we can spend more time exploring your intentions for the energy work and whether group, individual or inner star child healing is best. 

Having this extra time to be heard and met in your vulnerability, and to gather new perspectives on what happened and is happening in your life, can be healing. And so this is a foundational option to partaking in the deeper energy work.

Booking & Payment:

The cost of the energy healing is $130 total. If interested in beginning with an intake session, the fee is also $130 total. Should you wish to cancel your intake or healing session, I require a 24 notice. 

To book an appointment…

  • Email me at requesting either an “intake for individual energy healing” or just “individual energy healing”.
  • I’ll reply with some possible times and the Zoom link
  • To pay, please visit my Fees & Structure page


“Vince’s work is profound beyond measure. It’s a paradigm shift towards a unique psychobiological model of healing the world so desperately needs. I had chronic issues with my hip and shoulders for as long as I can remember. Over the years I searched for answers through various modalities which only gave temporary relief. After just two sessions, those issues were completely resolved and have not returned. More so, anxious pain I carried in my heart dissolved as well. Without question, my journey of healing has been accelerated by Vince’s council and gifts. He has facilitated a path of awareness and clarity that has eluded me for years. I now feel present, grounded and peaceful, able to live as an embodied presence in my life with confidence and grace. For this, I am forever grateful.” ~ Renee

“For 20 years, I had struggled with a very painful, weak shoulder and arm that were exacerbated by exercise, such as shovelling snow or raking leaves. Since Vince performed the healings, that shoulder and arm have been completely pain-free, even when subjected to hours of physical labour. Also, prior to the healings, my whole upper back was tender and aching for months due to stress and depression, and now that pain is totally non-existent. More so, pain and stiffness in my hips due to advanced osteoarthritis has been reduced. This is all quite miraculous to me. My skepticism did not allow me to fully believe Vince could help given that fairly advanced decay of bone, muscle and cartilage is not easily reversed. I can’t recommend him highly enough. As a healer, on many levels, Vince will support and enhance the metamorphosis of anyone willing to trust.” ~ Linda

“I’ve had constant pain in my left shoulder, pec and hip flexor for a few years. As a fitness instructor this really limited me when I would exercise and it was so frustrating that I couldn’t push my body the way I knew I should be able to. After working with Vince, I no longer feel any pain or discomfort. I had accepted the fact that this would be something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Even physiotherapy, massage, and acupuncture were barely temporary fixes. I am now able to exercise without modifying and the range of motion in my arm is something I won’t take for granted again. It’s still shocking to me that Vince, through his distance healings, was able to relieve my physical symptoms when no other practitioner had been able to. Vince has been so helpful to me in such a short time in my healing and self care and I hope that he’s someone who will be guiding me for a long time.” ~ Ange

“Vince helped immensely in my healing, which led to him to work with my beautiful son who is diagnosed with autism. Daily, he has faced challenges that arise from sensory overload from such things as loud and unexpected noises, large crowds, and new environments. He has also struggled communicating. After completing six distant healing sessions with Vince I noticed significant changes in my boy. First and foremost, he referred to me for the first time ever as ‘my mommy’. When he is in need of help, instead of crying, he now asks for me. His self-regulation and self-awareness have improved dramatically, as well. Dogs barking were normally a trigger resulting in extreme meltdowns, but now he says ‘dog’ and covers his ears. If he hears sudden noises while we are out he runs to or asks for me and, together, we work through it. As a family these are substantial improvements that allow more flexibility in our daily routine and outings. I am thankful to have Vince for guidance for myself and for my son as we continue on our journey.” ~ Mary