Indigo Third Eye Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for purifying your third eye chakra and empowering your crystalline Indigo embodiment

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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Turn your attention inwards and witness an endless marvel of beauty and possibilities. Behold the immaculate irradiance of who you are as multidimensional Christ light, the sea of sacred colour, geometry, sound, and stellar movement the mind cannot imagine. It turns in on itself, while spiralling outwards at the same time, fractals within fractals, dimensions within dimensions, joys upon joys. Limits to this wonder do not exist, cannot exist. This abundant life, these angelic light realms, are ever-present, ever-delighting — ever-so-much you!

What we perceive with our physical eyes is only a tiny fraction of a fraction of our infinite reality. The conditioned parameters or filtering mechanisms of our brain, combined with the veils and imbalances in our chakra system, DNA, and neurobiology, limit our perceptual awareness to a very small bandwidth of possibilities. We only see so much light and thus colour within a never-ending spectrum of consciousness. 

What is in fact 100% empty space is experienced as solid matter. Our brain and eyes trick us into believing something is material, when it’s actually the quantum particles of consciousness that’s slowed its vibration into mass. Spacious light has become materialized, making our bodies an incredibly dense light body, the most dense of them all. 

Indeed, on many levels, we live within an illusory matrix that seems incredibly real, but is a simulacrum or dreamworld nonetheless. 

*                    *                    *

With an active third eye, the veils to this illusion are thinned and lifted altogether. Your third eye is a Christ gateway through which you see the shimmering, angelic Truths beyond this world and the world from the Light of Truth. Your sixth chakra is a portal of perception that works both directions — seeing inwards and outwards with crystalline clarity, a portal that bridges Heaven and Earth through the visual sense. 

Your heart chakra, or Sacred Rose Heart, plays an important role in empowering and guiding your inner Christ sight. Your third eye sees, but it’s your cardinal heart that confirms whether what you perceive is true or not, or worthy of your time. Truth is in the heart, after all. Its central position in your major seven chakra system speaks of its authority in guiding all your energy centres, as well as uniting them into Higher Truth.

Using an example outside the third eye to explain the heart’s influence on perception, you may have psychic information received by the antenna of your pineal gland, but your heart tells you whether that information is true or not. Without the discerning, verifying heart, it’s simply information, not Truth. In ignoring your heart’s wise council that says the information isn’t true, you may, for example, be susceptible to deceptive psychic influences from the lower Astral Plane, abound with dark entities up to trickery and feeding off of fear. 

Returning to the third eye, you may have an otherworldly vision, but your wise heart tells you not to attach to it; to discard your in-sight, move on and remain open. Your heart may provide discernment to override or caution your mind’s interpretations of this vision; how it grasps what might be completely ungraspable. Or in your heart you may feel the visceral, higher importance of this vision, its revelatory deeper meaning, and why it came to you at this most auspicious time. 

Like a wise elder, your heart passes on vital knowing truths from your Higher Self, which is in touch with the consciousness of the Light Realms. Together, as one harmonious system — the diaphanous Heavens, your Higher Self, your Holy Heart, and third eye, you are empowered not only to perceive beyond this world, or through this world, but your perception is suffused with higher understanding; with the knowledge of the Ancients, felt resonantly in your cardinal centre. 

*                    *                    *

As the Christ light on Mother Earth continues to activate, people are increasingly having spontaneous visions of the Light Realms, their place of being and belonging beyond this world. And it’s becoming easier to pierce through the thick, dark veils swarming this planet — to see through the lies, and beyond. Awakening ones are getting a glimmering view of the Light of Truth transcending this temporary journey in density, empowering them in their missions as lightworkers to ground these felt-visions in angelic form and loving service.

In-sight may arise due to their inner work, such as with an energy healer; or it may grace them because they have reached a level of soul maturity where spontaneous third eye activations are occurring. The latter happens in concurrence with the activation of their spiritual DNA, or dormant Soul Code. More of their Higher Self, encoded along their biological DNA, comes to life, upgrading their chakra systems, meridian channels, and neurobiology with higher frequencies of Christ light. New neural pathways and perceptual possibilities are created, forged by Love & Truth. 

This psychobiological, spiritual empowerment so many are experiencing is inseparable from the quickening ascension of Mother Earth, destined for this time. Just as we are ascending to new dimensions of Golden Age consciousness, so too is our beloved Gaia. Just as our meridians are lighting up, so too are our Earth Mother’s ley or dragon lines, spanning her global body. These two ascending impulses — outer and inner, are inseparable, for Mother Earth’s body is beautifully woven into our own. 

Gaia’s Akashic Records library encoded by many star systems, like the Pleiades and Sirius, is also coming to life as part of her and our great awakening. Seeded into her consciousness for eons has been stellar ascension wisdom, waiting for the right time for humanity to be its mature beneficiary; to merge with this divine inheritance and thus the ancient wisdom of the stars and Mother Earth. 

Rising from earthen dormancy, this encoded higher consciousness mirrors and influences the dawning of our own coded potentials — the awakening of the Akashic Records library within our Soul, encoded in our genetic manuscript. As with Mother Earth, this secret, sacred inheritance of stellar wisdom and divine qualities is coming alive, at the perfect time, within millions of awakening earthbodies. At increasing speed, humanity is being rebirthed anew, lifted to new heavenly heights. 

This stunning interwoven co-arising of consciousness is being initiated by great waves of Cosmic light bathing our planetary sphere, which is charging the Christ Grid of Light, the unifying field of Christ consciousness spanning Earth, connecting seemingly disparate hearts. Anchored and held together by lightworkers, masters, Mother Earth’s myriad sacred sites like the vortices of Sedona, Arizona, and her electromagnetic grid, more higher consciousness is available across Gaia. This permeating web of Christ light assists those lost and confused to resonate with something new, something different — the Light of Truth alive within in their hearts; and to make empowering choices away from fear and duality, and towards love and unity. 

This beautiful, harmonic awakening is happening at the perfect moment and at exponential speed, in accordance with prophesied, astrological time coordinates foreseen by great cultures such as the Mayans. We are ready for this Great Rising, to dawn the destined Golden Age. And though the darkening, chaotic world tells of another story, remember that it is often darkest before the dawn.

Taking all this to heart, we can feel how much Christ light is here, now, within and around, to support us during these difficult times; and we can sense why so many are enhancing their revelatory in-sight, spontaneously traveling through the visual sixth gateway into higher realms, while anchoring those visions on Earth. This ceremony is here to accelerate these visionary possibilities; to empower you to pierce through the darkness with crystalline clarity, and to be a lightworker serving our great awakening in holy communion with the ancient intelligence of the Indigo Ray.

*                    *                    *

One of the infinite Rays of the Rainbow Kingdom, Indigo is the colour of your sixth chakra, and is thus the perfect colour frequency for empowering your crystalline or Christ-aligned clarity. Communing with this Ray, receiving its ancient message and medicine, transmutes discordant, denser frequencies that close your third eye potential, and veil you from perceiving as you are meant to. Your third eye power is purified into your birthright of divine sight, allowing you greater ability to see multidimensional, heavenly realities and ground them on Earth. 

Purification or transmutation occurs within the domain of your third eye centre, just above your brow bone, and also within its endocrine partner, your pituitary gland. In this ceremony, both areas are cleared of energetic imbalances or physical / psychic clutter, empowering your third eye and its pituitary intelligence to work together as they are meant to, seamlessly in sacred harmony. 

The Indigo Ray enhances your Christ sight through crystalline light code activation, written of earlier. To be more specific, however, a direct transmission from the Indigo Ray activates your Indigo codes, and the divine qualities and ancient wisdom specific to them. Within your Soul you hold the codes of Creation, every living template of the Cosmos. This means you carry within you the crystalline beauties and wonders of Indigo light, on all measures. Every aspect of creative intelligence and wisdom unique to this member of the Rainbow Kingdom is inherently yours and you. That was Divine Mother’s blessing to you, as one made in Her exact image and likeness. 

By communing with the Indigo Ray in this ceremony, like activates like. This is true in all my ceremonies. The Indigo Ray births your Indigo codes, upgrading your neurobiology and subtle energy channels to new Indigo heights. More of the iridescent dimensions of this Ray flow through your mind, heart and body, calibrating your humanity to this heavenly colour and frequency, this unique member of the Rainbow Kingdom — and truly, all of life. 

This is the activated, somatic embrace of your Indigo light body. You have an infinite number of light bodies, not just a few, as some believe to be the case. You have a light body for every divine quality of Creation. In birthing your Indigo codes, and streaming this luminous consciousness through your neurobiology and meridian channels, you live more true to this light body inheritance, especially experienced in your sixth chakra and felt centrally in your Holy Heart. Your third eye comes alive in glorious de-light, and you feel and perceive more from the Indigo Soul you are.  

*                    *                    *

As you can see, this transmission serves you far beyond your third eye, particularly when we understand how the “master gland” that is your pituitary governs the functions of your endocrine system. Bathed by the blessings of Indigo’s pure light, this ceremony thus initiates you into full-body, cellular, quantum transformation; into mysterious and miraculous possibilities for health and wellbeing. And it does, to the degree you are open and ready. 

For this reason, in your healing empowerment intentions you can ask for support on anything you want — mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. Examples of interest might be psoriasis, poor digestion, sore joints, insomnia, or endometriosis. You can ask for healing of childhood sexual trauma, or for help with low self-worth, anxiety and depression. You can ask for support clearing the learnt childhood story claiming you should not trust your numinous visions, fairy dreams, and angelic imaginings. 

You can ask for support on any matters pertaining to the challenges of trauma and programming spanning lifetimes and generations. You can even ask the Indigo Ray to transmute the Covid “vaccine” bioweapon and its adverse reactions. 

All this being possible, I must return to Indigo Ray’s special purpose in this ceremony, which is the purification and activation of your third eye, your Christ sight. The loving and infinite intelligence of Indigo knows how important your crystalline higher vision is at this time, given all that is occurring on our chaotic planet.

Seeing clearly, and from a higher, heavenly vantage point, empowers you to not get lost in the dreamworld the dark forces are increasingly trying to entrap people in. Their push towards transhumanism is their push towards veiling humanity further from their Christ light and sight. Modifying the genetic blueprint of billions of “vaccine” receivers has been how they disrupt the flow of higher consciousness or sentient intelligence from anchoring into bodies and Mother Earth, and how they turn people towards artificial intelligence. Anti-life and anti-biology they are, they want to create an artificial, dense, digital, dystopian world, and trap the 10% still alive further into it. 

Discerning truth from fiction, seeing and reading between the li(n)es, are absolutely essential right now. Your Indigo Vision, in union with your wise Sacred Heart, not only makes this possible, but empowers you to see / feel that there is so much more going on beyond the dark divisive games, the manufactured distractions and chaos. From On High and from within your multidimensional Soul, your Christ sight perceives with crystalline clarity the higher divine plan in and beyond the storm, the destined dawn birthing through necessary labour pains.

With Christ sight grounded in your Holy Heart it becomes easier to trust that the Light of Truth will prevail; and that, with help from your Indigo Soul, you are here to play an important role in leading humanity into the Golden Age. 

Via the link below, you are guided to set healing empowerment intentions, again, on anything you want. Trust your heart to know what you need and desire, and that this beautiful Ray, shining down upon you, and within you, will know exactly how to serve your crystal clear Indigo embodiment.

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