How Not to Repeat a Trump Scenario: Vote Intuitively—Sense Subtlety of Character

How Not to Repeat a Trump Scenario: Vote Intuitively—Sense Subtlety of Character

In British Columbia, Canada, we will soon vote for our next Premier, our provincial leader. This matter is important to me, as it should be for all voters in our beautiful province. And so I say this…

Let’s learn from the United States. Let’s vote with senses more attuned.

When voting in an upcoming election, whether it be here in Canada or elsewhere around the world, indeed, consider the candidates’ campaign strategies. They are significant for obvious reasons. But equally (if not more) important, feel the candidate. Attune to the subtlety of their character, what they convey between their words.

The fact that Trump got into office is a clear statement of how disconnected people are from their feeling senses. Not surprisingly, this disembodied state is associated with trauma. And most people are highly disembodied. Hence, trauma votes for trauma.

Every candidate has trauma, and this is not a disrespect of trauma. (I have trauma, we all have some.) But some people, like Trump, are dangerously myopic and self-interested in their unconscious woundedness. While compassion is ultimately needed, we need, in the meantime, to be discerning about allowing these people to enter/stay in office. Our discernment must come more from intuition than logic, more from the acute sensory capacities of the heart than the calculating rationale of the left brain. We need to vote from an embodied state for the most embodied leader.

So listen carefully to your body, to the same part of you that knows your child is sick, the same part that senses danger around the corner, the same part that cares deeply about basic human dignity and kindness. Pay close attention to the candidates’ eyes, their subtle gestures, their wordless words, their underlying intentions, their deeper why.

Remember, campaign promises tend to get broken. There is a high probability they will fall short, or disappear, but the winning candidate will not. That person will remain.

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