Family Systems Healing

“Pain travels through families until someone is ready to feel it.” ~ Stephi Wagner


Healing family systems is one of the great gifts we can give ourselves, our extended family, and our descendants and ancestors. We know that, epigenetically, trauma gets passed down through the generations. For instance, research suggest that memories go as far back as 14 generations. And studies show that the fears we hold in our bodies are not necessarily personal. They could be the unprocessed trauma from generations back. 

Healing is thus personal and impersonal. Our trauma, our wounding, is a collection from a wide variety of experiences in this lifetime and previous ones.

Family systems healing

If trauma can be passed through the generations, so too can healing and wellbeing. 

There is power “when two or more gather”. It’s why I lead group energy healing—there is power in the collective field generated through the coming together of individuals with common purpose. This holds true for family systems who unite with a shared intent to heal, to end the suffering passed down through the generations.  

Family Systems Healing affords this rare opportunity, and members don’t even need to leave their daily routine to participate. Whether you are at work, out jogging or asleep, you benefit from the healing.

You and your family members are part of a group of 8 in one of my group healing “pods”. As described in the group healing page, each person receives three healings over a period of about 10-15 days. You do not know when the healings take place, but are informed about 4 days after they are done. 

The more family members that gather in the group healings, the more power there is to heal longstanding patterns and pain within family lines, much of which is unconscious, deeply encoded into the cellular / DNA structure. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and children all add to the weight of the healing being performed; all support the deeper energetic clearings benefiting family members present, future and past.

Indeed, the ripples are far reaching. Healing extends across time and space, touching those yet to be born, and those long deceased.


“If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

Please review the Group Energy Healing page for specifics on how the process works. There is no difference between how I facilitate healing for a group of random individuals and a family system. 

Intention setting: Once you agree to participate, each family member must set aside time to write their intentions for healing. Intentions can be personal and familial. At minimum they should have a focus on you, what you wish to heal. But there is also power in one of your intentions being to support your family’s wellbeing; that your healing benefits the family system. “My intention is that the healing I receive is a gift to my family and ancestors.” I do not recommend writing specific intentions for other people’s healings. That is for them to write down. At best, you can intend that your healing serves their health and wellbeing, and those of your family line.  

United purpose and intentionality: This is perhaps the most important piece. Imagine standing in a circle as a family, hands reaching forward and touching in the centre, united in common purpose. This is the vision I wish you to hold as you pursue family systems healing. That you are not simply participating as disparate parts, but as one, united front with concerted intent.

After clarifying your intentions, I suggest you gather as close as possible and share as many intentions as feels comfortable. Even just sharing your desire to do your part in healing the ongoing pain and patterns in the lineage, to end the cycles of abuse, declaring this out loud for all to hear, has tremendous power. Doing so, even without knowing where these patterns come from, how they came to be, lends power to the healing work I will perform.

And so family systems healing begins with how you gather and hold this process before my work even starts—the power of the unified field.

Members: Depending on your group size, others—people you don’t know and will never know—may be joining your group. If you gather five family members, then three others will fill the balance of the group of 8. This does not take away from the power of your collective efforts. The most important thing is the family coming together to heal.

Age limit: Children under the age of 8 cannot participate in the healings because the energy is too strong for them during their vulnerable formative years. However, as already indicated, they benefit indirectly through the unified intention and healing of the extended family. There are ripple affects that cannot help but impact the children who are not separate from the larger system. We know this simply by the fact that when the energy of parents shifts, their children reflect it. 

Pregnancy: As stated on the group healing page, women who are pregnant can participate. I just need to know in advance. When you send in your intentions, please also inform me of your pregnancy so the necessary adaptations needed from me can be enacted.

Getting started & Fee

The cost of the three healings is $175 total per person. Please review the Group Energy Healing page for full instructions on how to participate and pay.

To enrol family members, I suggest you send this page to them, inviting them to feel into this process to see if it resonates in their heart. Even just one person doing their healing work is a gift to the family system.