Grandmaster Quartz Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for embodying the ancient consciousness of this Grandmaster of the Crystal Kingdom

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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It’s always a great honour for me to represent the beloved Crystal Kingdom. Crystals are highly misunderstood and under-appreciated in our world. Like the great Masters going back in time, they are quiet, humble, unassuming. They do their work inconspicuously, anchoring their holy crystalline frequencies into Mother Earth, while always available to those who wish to turn towards them as wise teachers, and commune with their medicine and message.

Crystals are vast reservoirs of unfathomable universal knowledge. Like stars, they carry the frequency codes of the transcendent and ancient, timeless wisdom and teachings here to awaken our divine potential. That crystals are found underground or in caves, like old gnostic / apocryphal texts, they metaphorically remind us to look within, into the darkness — into humus, related to human and earth — to uncover their and our atavistic secrets. The body of Mother Earth is our body; and just as she carries their crystalline codes, our earthbody holds this vast reservoir of crystal-line intelligence in our spiritual DNA. 

Just as your body has encoded biological DNA, your Soul has light codes that weave the tapestry of your divine genetic universe. They lay nestled against the full length of your human DNA, with most awaiting activation. With this crystalline genetic inheritance, you are a perfect hologram or mirror of Source, Sophia, the Divine Mother of All Life — Her unfathomable Divine Blueprint. On all measures, you contain within the creative powers and knowledge, the sacred geometry, sound and colourall the immaculate qualities of Existence. 

Therefore, the ancient light intelligence of every crystal spanning the millions of planets, and cascading through the heavens, is beautifully and wondrously encoded in your Soul. And because the Hermetic axiom As Above, So Below is true, this inheritance is also secreted within your cellular biology.

You are the Multiverse waiting to remember itself in human form! You are Life coming alive to itself in embodied resonance! Activating these dormant codes and awakening their immaculate gifts is thus a radical act of empowerment. Your body, mind and heart are rebirthed to an entirely new dimension of crystalline power, to the limitless God/dess you are! 

*                    *                    *

This ceremony advances your ascended evolution by specifically activating your inheritance of Crystal Quartz codes. You receive a direct transmission from the celestial Quartz Ray, which suffuses your body-mind-soul complex with its ineffable ancient presence. This initiates a process of resonant mirroring. Dormant Quartz codes of your spiritual DNA resonate with this familiar frequency broadcast, this home-calling of sorts, which brings them and their divine genetic qualities to life. 

They birth into your biological DNA, upgrading its frequency, consciousness, and thus functionality from carbon to crystalline; from trauma and programming to pure creative power. This is the heart and soul of the Great Work of ancient alchemy, with the philosopher’s stone of immortality being achieved by activating your immortal Soul in human form.

With certain parts of your biological DNA upgraded, the activated Quartz frequency is immediately picked up by the sensitive receptors of your neurons. Quartz consciousness then streams through your neurobiology, creating new, empowering neural pathways. To the degree you are open and ready, your psychobiology transforms from dense patterns of fear, shame and lack to superhighways of Love, Truth, and Abundance. 

This is truly a miracle of creation, with you recreating yourself by opening to how holy, wondrous and abundant you are. This is a miracle realized down and in, in the humus of your human form, a sacred temple perfectly reflecting and housing All That Is.

Indeed, this ceremony advances your embodied at-one-ment with Creation, in this case, with the ancient Cosmic presence of Grandmaster Quartz. To greater measure, you live, breathe and create with and as this ancient crystalline intelligence. You carry this Grandfather of Light in your radiant heart. (More on why it’s a Grandmaster shortly…)

As part of this transmission, you also receive powerful quantum healing from Quartz. To the degree you are open, the pure, refined frequencies of this Crystalline Consciousness transmutes old, deeply rooted attachments to pain and suffering spanning lifetimes and generations. Via the link at the bottom, you are encouraged to set intentions for healing empowerments on anything you want — mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. You do not need to know the details of your trauma and programming, the history or origins of your pain and suffering, to heal in this ceremony. You can trust this Grandmaster Healer to do the heavy lifting for you.

For Beloved Quartz knows you well, and is compassionately aware of the nature of your suffering. Working with your Higher Self and intentions, with your state of consciousness and stage of evolution, in its Ancient Wisdom, it knows exactly how to uplift you from troublesome and unnecessary pain beyond your conscious understanding. 

*                    *                    *

Let’s now explore this beautiful Crystal more deeply. 

Located on every continent on the planet, Quartz is considered the most or second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. (There are varying opinions on this, with some saying Bridgmanite or Feldspar tops the list. There is also the question of how much Quartz exists deeper in the multidimensional mysteries of Earth.) Quartz is a major component in numerous igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, with granite, quartzite and shale being respective examples. Many communities are blessed to be built atop a condensed deposit of Quartz. Asheville, North Carolina is one example; as is Sedona, Arizona, a truly high-vibrational town, with some suggesting that over 95% of its red-orange landscape consists of Quartz. 

The powerful radiance of these crystalline beds alters the frequency and influences the consciousness of these fortunate communities. Sensitive ones working in healing and the arts feel and benefit from Quartz’s presence; how it creates a resonant quantum crystalline field that activates and accelerates transformative experiences in individuals and the greater whole. In Sedona, Quartz both activates and amplifies the power of this area’s renowned vortices that mediate Cosmic Rays and Earth’s electromagnetic grid. This is of course true with other portals or “acupuncture points” along Earth’s dragon lines. Quartz is thus abundantly important in being receivers and transmitters, bridging Heaven and Earth, and advancing planetary and human evolution. 

Beautiful Amethyst Crystal & Member of the Quartz Family

Quartz has a vast crystalline family on Mother Earth, expressing itself in over 500 varieties. Three I particularly love are Amethyst, Carnelian and Citrine. The former is associated with the crown chakra and Violet Flame of Ascended Master Saint Germain, and the latter two with the Orange Ray of the sacral chakra temple. Their respective violet and orange colours and divine qualities emerge and emanate from Quartz’s primordial white crystalline structure and consciousness. Thus, with all varieties, you cannot completely distinguish their medicine and message, their unique creative power, from Quartz’s primal blueprint and ancestral subsistence. Add the millions of other planets in our Universe, and how many other Quartz crystals likely exist beyond our knowing, and our awe and appreciation for this overlighting Prime Mover goes to an entirely different level. 

Indeed, Quartz is a sublime ancient progenitor of the crystalline Blueprint of Creation. Its acts of service and love, of birthing so many beautiful and powerful crystals, some of which are Masters like Amethyst, are deeply inspiring. And Quartz’s contributions to the ground upon which we walk, to the diverse stone formations of our beloved Earth, and to our ability to work, grow, heal and evolve, are immeasurable. And so it is that Quartz rightly deserves the title Grandmaster. 

And here is another reason to praise Quartz…

In higher dimensional planes, the crystalline light and intelligence of Quartz is regularly called upon in the design of sacred sites. Advanced Crystal Masters create temples like pyramids using Quartz’s light frequency, and at different densities; which means that some sites are more translucent and solid than others. With some towering and shimmering stunningly high in the air, these celebratory, ceremonial communal temples stand as portals and planetary altars that alter the fabric of being. Just like on Earth, Quartz plays a sacred role in providing the resonant quantum field for activating and amplifying the individual and relational crystalline grid, for harmonizing souls together into one Family of Light.

Perhaps you remember a place like this somewhere within your heart, an old, familiar place that feels like home.

Graced by our beloved Sun, this Quartz is likely Rose

*                    *                    *

To be loved, held and illumined by Grandmaster Quartz is no small thing, as you can feel. Whether in an advanced star system or here on Earth, communing with this magnificent consciousness attunes us to our ancient origins and primordial wisdom. We are held and uplifted by an overseeing, overlighting friend and Elder that cares deeply for our wellbeing, and is here for us at all times.  

Humanity is now rapidly awakening to what advanced societies on Earth and beyond have known for eons — that crystals are rich with capabilities to empower our soul embodiment and higher, stellar remembrance. We are remembering how ancient civilizations like Atlantis and inter-stellar spaceships have used crystals as sources and amplifiers of limitless free energy. And we are realizing how much this light technology has been hidden and suppressed in our society by dark forces, such as through our rigged patenting process. 

Transitioning into the destined Golden Age tells us we are ready to own this limitless inner resource in the home-ship of our body, a consciousness core to optimizing health and creative power. After thousands of years of a long dark age, it’s time to awaken this preeminent “free energy,” our immanent power of Christ light, from its long slumber in our DNA; to be lit up and supercharged neurologically by our holographic crystalline or Christ-aligned divinity; and to live like the great sages who rarely, if ever, slept or ate, and whose fuel has been the principle substance of life. 

In preparing for this ceremony, please take your heartfelt time writing your intentions. The link below provides detailed support on how to ensure you are crystal clear and ready. Remember that nothing is too much to ask from Grandmaster Quartz, that you can ask for anything. This safe and loving force is here to serve you in all ways, always; to uplift you into the boundless Crystalline Realms of your Grandmaster Quartz Soul.

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