Give People Something to Play With ~ Enrolling Others into the Spirit of Yes And

Give People Something to Play With ~ Enrolling Others into the Spirit of Yes And

The more you give people things to play with, the more they can give back to you, and the world!

When you practice the Spirit of Yes And, you discover how easy it is to make people smile in the simplest ways. Their smile opens them up to their heart, and more fully allows them to give back.

I was standing at a grocery checkout line waiting to purchase a whole pie for a potluck, when an elderly lady in front of me turned around and said, “That looks like a yummy pie!”

I was happy! She was inviting me to play! “Yes it is,” I replied. “I plan to eat it all myself!” Grin! I passed the ball back to her. And then she smiled and laughed. I now gave her something to play with. And play she did!

She responded by saying, “Well, I hope you share SOME of your pie!” Grin! Grin!!

“Oh,” I chuckled, “I might give an eighth away.” She laughed again.

Back and forth we played, and in only a few moments, a stranger became a friend. That is the gift of And – it joins people together. By offering her an And, I bridged my heart to hers.

I could’ve just said “Yes it is,” (the Yes of Yes And), and left it at that. But when you add the And, you give back something for others to play with. It also makes others feel acknowledged for what they gave you, because you are sending the ball back. You are validating their offer!

It makes them want to play more!

The next time someone invites you to play, play along and give them something to play with. Even if they don’t play with it, you at least give them the option, and perhaps a reason to smile!

Play On!

About the author: Vince Gowmon presents keynotes and playshops and offers somatic Life Coaching and Counselling in person, on Skype and over the phone. For more of his writing, subscribe to his free e-newsletter. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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