Evolving from Fear and Division to Our Limitless, Loving Self: The Heroic Path of Soul Ascension

Evolving from Fear and Division to Our Limitless, Loving Self: The Heroic Path of Soul Ascension

Do not fear death. For it’s only in embracing death that you can truly embrace life. Find beauty in its quiet depths, the still sweet surrender, yours and others, so you may find beauty in life. Doing so, you open to all possibilities, versus only the ones fear creates room for.

Death is the great portal to life. When we understand this, we remember that, like time, it is a great illusion; that there is no such thing as death, but simply transitions in consciousness and experience. We are here not just to know this intellectually, but to experience it many times over before what most consider to be death — release of the body — and, in this, awaken to fuller embodied experiences of life. 

Only the limited self wants a limited life. It settles for all sorts of limitations in joy and abundance and connection because its identity is bound by limiting ideas rooted in low self-worth and general lack. It can only take in, accept and integrate so much goodness before low self-worth says, “That’s enough, that’s all I deserve“. It’s why we travel many lifetimes — so we can increase our worth and receptivity, and hold an ever increasing spectrum of experience in our heart.

But let’s look beyond, more globally and universally, to understand this further…

A limited self, also known as the (fearful) ego, believes such and such should happen, and other things should never, ever occur. It is attached to ideas of right and wrong, good and bad; to many dualistic and oft-righteous ideologies. (This is different from having natural preferences, such as for food and clothing.) This divisive aspect of our psyche and human awareness sunders life into moral code and places limiting parameters or restrictions around possibility in a boundless Universe; not just in the context of the goodness we deserve, but the disturbing acts and dark forces at play that unequivocally should not exist. 

For example, the limited self will believe no child should ever be abused, or there should never be the level of corruption in government that currently exists, and has always existed. It’s natural to believe this as heart-felt, caring, sensitive humans. I, of course, do not condone any acts of violence or corruption, particularly abuse of our most precious little ones. Yet clearly, despite our idealistic beliefs and hopeful desires, our thoughts on what should be, absence of these and other destructive acts is not the nature of reality; especially when we consider that we choose our family as incarnating souls and the probabilities of experience, such as physical / sexual violence. We sign up as brave souls for all sorts of extreme adversity. Reality, therefore, the “suchness of life”, obviously includes countless examples of both child abuse and corruption, as well as other abuses of power. It is the Way of Things, difficult as it is to accept. 

Unlike a human parent, the Divine Mother / Creator does not place limits on experience. That is one of Her great promises or gifts to each of Her children. She did not create a Universal Playground where only so much could be experienced and “bad / wrong” should be avoided at all costs; where once we cross a certain divinely appointed arbitrary threshold into danger or darkness, either as victim or perpetrator, we are abruptly and overtly turned away by visible or invisible forces, ushered towards more safe and serene — “better” — environments.

It gives us comfort considering that our loving Parental God adamantly disagrees with or opposes the countless atrocities on the planet; that She judges and polices right and wrong, good and bad, just like human beings do; that She would even intervene and prevent extreme suffering from happening. Though there are miracles, moments of grace, and we have intuitive guidance, this comforting view of God is one of countless childish projections we place upon our Creator, making Her into our image and likeness, one of the heights of arrogance and blasphemy. (Which is what religion did with its human-formed, neurotic, punitive God.) 

Despite our moralistic and heartfelt wishes for how things should be, how Mystery should operate, despite our desires for enforced Universal rules of conduct, untold horrific dark experiences have been a constant in the human saga for millennia, even though the nature of the Cosmos is boundless Divine Love. 

Hard as this is to make sense of, we are here to experience the vast array of life, not avoid or escape it. We incarnate into hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes of variegated experience through dark and light — pain and suffering, as well as joy and celebration — to integrate and embody the full, rich, boundless nature of existence. To experience the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the tragedies and triumphs, the changing seasons of time, all of which, from a higher perspective, is simply experience (undefined by “better / worse” binary judgements, yet compassionately held as difficult to varying degrees). 

We incarnate to know ourselves as life — life experiencing itself in its immense infinite diversity. We come to learn, evolve through, and intimately know all of it, while having no restrictions imposed on our soul explorations (though there are consequences to our actions — not “bad“ or “good” karma, but karma). 

Integrating wider spectrums of experience at the soul level through the heart is our evolutionary path of ascension. Ancient, archetypal and demanding the heart of a Warrior, this spiral journey into the light requires experiencing and ultimately crossing countless bridges of joy, but also boldly traversing many dark bridges of fear. In successive stages of bravery and perseverance, we gradually transcend the limited egoic self which, in its fearful localized and lack state, judges and eschews aspects of life, limiting itself to only so much heartbreaking and joyful experience, while reducing life to what it considers acceptable; we transcend the self that believes it is only worthy of so much, and must push away vulnerable experiences it deems a threat, including the loving arms of another. 

We, through our many heroic journeys into form, crossing dark vulnerable bridges, increasingly alchemize the fear and false self terrified of its unlimited nature as Oneness, and therefore the unlimited nature of experience that no moral code can contain and control. 

Herein lies the core fear beneath all fears: fear of death — death of the self that believes it is separate from others and life; that is limited in identity and perception; and that must define, judge and compartmentalize to create inner and outer certainties… all of which creates distance from the power of vulnerability, and maintains a false sense of control and security. That defined, temporal and illusory self cannot survive opening to all possibilities, the true limitless Self, because its very identity is based in the simulacrum of duality, form and limitation — in this, but definitely not that; in only so much dark and therefore light.

Opening to all possibilities, to life as it is, not how the ego wants it to be, to the truth we are as infinite-spectrum Oneness, means the limited self’s demise. Survival depends on being open to only certain comforting possibilities, ones convenient to and reinforcing its fear-based identity and dualistic perception, much of which is culturally informed. 

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.” — Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī

All great spiritual teachers (true rebels and outcasts) have taught the same fundamental maxim — die before you die, so that you surrender control and open to All That Is. Break the rules of arbitrary and culturally-imposed moral code, which is its own death blow to the ego, and set yourself free. Jesus, a true rebel, was a fine example of this latter point, illustrated, for instance, when he boldly stated, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath”. We can also look to the Sufi poet Rumi who wrote, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field, I’ll meet you there.” 

They and other outstanding teachers encourage us to be like the caterpillar (lower self) who bravely walks away from (renounces) the known world (learnt conditioning) and gives way to the dark soup of uncertainty and possibility (emptiness) that births the butterfly (higher self). Repeatedly, our great sages and avatars have taught and encouraged us not to fit into the world, but to lose our false, limited, “good” self to life.

Awakening is not convenient to our thought bubble and identity because we must be willing to have even our most comforting ideas of self and life stripped away. And when enough space has been created through the unravelling of what is not, we can finally open to the truth of what is.

Enter our dark inner cocoon and do our courageous work of healing our wounded heart and worth, of transcending those fears and limitations that has us settle for less, and we expand our threshold for darkness which expands our threshold for light, truth, and overall experience. Die to the Unknown, again and again, as we are intended to in this evolutionary journey, and we expand our wings and capacity to be with All of It; to hold space for and love both dark and light without exception and imposition; to be the non-dual nature of life, which is boundless love, love with no limits.

This has nothing to do with agreeing with or condoning what we witness or experience; for those are decisions of the limited thinking mind that likes to categorize life and cut it up into little digestible pieces. We transcend identification with the limited self altogether into higher states of unconditional acceptance and love; into who we really are as life, itself — life that can no longer resist itself anymore.

From this non-dual, non-divisive, transcendent state we can fiercely name abuses of power in a way that does not add to but pierces through, elucidates and transmutes toxic polarities — because we are living from our sacred hearts, the cardinal alchemizer of all aspects of polarized, fragmented consciousness; we are living as embodied exemplars of unity consciousness. 

Open to all possibilities, the dark and light, and we honour all of life, all aspects of pain and suffering, as being part of the nature of evolutionary experience. We even honour those who perpetrate those abuses, as unconditional love cannot help but do, knowing without exception the sacred nature of all of life and all chosen paths. We honour life, for in our awakened state we know that it is not for us to determine what is best for another, what their karmic lessons hold for them, and what magnanimous sacrifices could be made by souls who volunteer to perpetrate seemingly unforgivable acts. We are wise and humble enough not to lock into any ideas of this is so or should be, because we remain open to all possibilities, to the wisdom of uncertainty, to the infinite complexity of The Way, all of which easily makes no sense to and even threatens the defining, categorizing, simplistic, reductive, righteous ego that knows.

Yet, I must restate: even though we stand open and accepting, we have a sacred duty (maybe!) as awakened warriors to simultaneously fearlessly and even wrathfully name the violent acts and actors, just as many of our bold luminaries have done, like Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Jesus; and as I have done, without mincing words (see here and here). Again, we do from our mature, open and sacred alchemizing centre that harmonizes division rather than adds to the polarizing simulacrum of toxic temporality.

We serve by loving all, knowing that love is the highest solution for all pain and suffering, including that of the most troubled souls. We love all without limits because we are limitless love. We have awoken to love’s / our unlimited power to transform the world, the only true solution for our global suffering and the obvious totalitarian agendas of the rising dark forces. (See the previous two links.)  

This is our awakening to mastery — the master within that all are evolving towards who transcends the world and transforms it by their very butterfly being. 

There are many powerful souls on this planet who, after numerous brave and noble incarnations of suffering and service, are awakening to mastery this lifetime. It is a pivotal one for them, ending long karmic cycles; a graduation from the planetary schools of form in which they’ve successfully and fully transcended all fears, integrated dark and light into their heart and soul, and claimed their worth and sovereignty. 

Lifetimes of heroic inner alchemy has created enough quantum space within their DNA, purified their heart and activated their crown chakra, allowing the living master within that is our Higher and True Self to fully anchor into their subatomic universe and take the lotus throne of their human body, for good. The King or Queen (crowned) can at long last be fully in charge of their physical temple and human awareness, its Christ or Buddha light that we all are dissolving and usurping the Higher Self’s temporary placeholder, the ego. The limited self, a dream of Creation, is no longer needed, its work complete as a holy vehicle for evolution, for life remembering itself.

These awakening masters will have achieved what we all long for more than anything: Divine Union — what all great spiritual teachers, sages and avatars have achieved and pointed us towards as ultimate salvation. 

Many of these advanced beings have travelled a great distance across the Cosmos to be here at this pivotal time in humanity’s ascension; to serve and celebrate this Glorious Ending and Beginning through their own monumental metamorphic ending and beginning. They have incarnated to lead, in their full divine embodiment, the golden age upon us, living as shining examples of the truth of who we are as powerful, limitless beings of light. Along with countless light workers circling Mother Earth, they are here to anchor, midwife and birth the new consciousness destined for this transitory period from the longstanding Age of Darkness to the Age of Light. These Way-showers are here to activate unity consciousness by transmuting the perennial divides of right / wrong, good / bad, the inner and outer polarities plaguing Gaia and sundering the scared and confused masses. They are here to, through their alchemizing heart transmissions, reconcile us into our true nature as Holy, Free, Sovereign, Love and One. 

*                    *                    *

To truly serve the world
at the highest level
you have to leave the world. 

To leave the world 
you must surrender your attachments 
to it. 

To surrender your attachments
to the world 
you must surrender your attachments
to suffering, 

and all its polarizing, fear-based projections
that must define and judge
to feel safe. 

This is the great, gradual and heroic 
ascension journey 
through many, many lifetimes

from fear to love, 

from duality consciousness 
into divine union and full liberation. 

Into the One. 

*                    *                    *

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