Every Moment is a Playful Moment

Every Moment is a Playful Moment

It’s less about finding time to play, and more about allowing yourself to be playful in this very moment.

This beautiful being’s name is Sophia. Like many dogs she loves to carry long sticks, and right next to you, excitedly and repeatedly bumping her prized possession into you! While four of us walked with her through forest trails on the Sunshine Coast I had a playful idea! What if we had to avoid her bumping us with her stick, kind of like avoiding being it in tag? Suddenly, the four of us were like screaming small children, delightfully jumping around, and of course, Sophia got excited, coming closer to us, making us leap and laugh even more.

A friendly reminder that every moment is a playful moment! 🙂

Breaking the Spell of Time

When I ask people what gets in the way of play, the number one answer is time.

But what if play does not require extravagant plans? What if it has nothing to do with getting anywhere or having anything? What if it is more about who you are being, your willingness to be spontaneous, silly, joyful and imaginative right now?

If your heart bubbled with this truth, as it does with children, then you could not help but freely feel and express the spirit of play that follows you wherever you are. You’d remember that, in essence, play is who you are.

A little example from Genevieve Piercey, a child care professional
“After coming back from the Alberta Early Years conference in Edmonton Alberta, September 2012, we were renewed in our work and were trying to have a more playful outlook. At the time when we returned our building was undergoing some painting and in our main front office where the printer is located, everything was covered except the printer as we still needed it. Every time we went past all the covered furniture, the light plastic covering it would make this swishy sound and go up and down. So it was at the end of the day, one day, and we decided that we would ‘play’. We started running around the furniture in circles to make the plastic swish and go up and down. After about 5 runs around, we broke down laughing and remembered your talk. We try everyday to find the ‘funny’ and it keeps us laughing and smiling while we work. I often think back to that day and smile. The memory will last a long time.” 

Really, it doesn’t take much to experience the joy of play, only a moment or two, but the feeling can last a lifetime! If you need another example, I invite you to read this article called Flour Play.

We don’t need anything to live a playful life

“Tiny humans see magic and possibility where big humans only see mess and responsibility. May we see the magic again through their eyes and rediscover all the possibilities life has to offer.” ~ L. R. Knost

We are innately playful beings living in infinitely playful moments. When our heart feels this and rational discerning mind steps aside, life begins to be a magical playground full of delightful possibilities, and every moment becomes a playful moment.

As you go about your day, see your life through the eyes of a child. Imagine how a child may play with that pen, walk on that sidewalk, interact with that pole, move along that field. Take the risk to let yourself get swept up in effervescence, look foolish, be the child that still breathes in your heart.

For, play is an attitude of the heart, an inner knowing that the playground of life is always inviting you to come out and play!

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