Eagle Spirit Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for awakening the freedom, power and heart of your Eagle Spirit

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Eagle is vast in the spread of its wings and soaring height, the reach of its vision and call of its cry, the power of its presence and mystique of its Spirit. Capturing hearts for ages throughout the world, Eagle is our great shamanic initiator into the higher, heavenly realms, the boundless freedom we are. 

In this ceremony, you directly commune with the Great Oversoul of Eagle. It comes to open your wings and lift you into majestic flight; to guide you through stargate portals, and bridge you to the multidimensional Light Realms of your Higher Self.

*                    *                    *

After a challenging five month rite of passage, in which I stepped away from almost all of my life, I one day found myself looking up at a low-altitude Bald Eagle, circling above me. It’s always special to see these wondrous birds fly so low, and rare to have one spin a vortex directly overhead. 

As it left and I wandered off, I thought to myself: Could this be a sign that it’s time for me to lift off from my passage through darkness? I’ve had many signs from and synchronicities with Spirit Animals over the years, so my idea didn’t feel far-fetched.  

The next day, I went for a walk to visit my favourite store to buy a candle for my altar. About 20 feet in front of me walked a slow-moving woman who I was edging closer to. For some peculiar reason, I felt like she was blocking the entire side-walk; that there was no way around her, even though I could have simply skipped onto the empty street and breezed by. Something said turn left, when 99 out of a 100 times I walk straight on. 

And so I turned, walked half a block, when up ahead an unusual looking vehicle captured my attention. Appearing like something out of the far-distant past, this car was a rugged, orange-brown hatchback with off-road tires and a sporty look. An old relic, it was impressively balanced with modern design. 

With closer inspection I noticed on the back that its model was EAGLE, made by American Motors Corporation (AMC). How strange, I thought. I’ve been around a long time in North America and never heard of this car. Walking up the sidewalk a few steps, I saw the EAGLE model also present on the car’s side, shining in small silver font. These letters also glimmered from the front. How many cars have the model placed in all three locations? I wondered. I started feeling like I was not to miss this car’s affiliation with Eagle. 

Upon finishing my curious study of this out-of-time machine, I walked only a couple of feet ahead, when I looked skyward and — lo and behold, there was a beautiful Bald Eagle, sweeping gracefully towards me, soaring at low altitude, like my friend the day before.

It’s rare to see an Eagle fly in my home of Kitsilano proper, making the encounter all the more special. 

There was no doubt in my mind — the spiralling Eagle 24 hours prior, the woman slowing and redirecting me, the bizarre bird car, and now this! My heart swelled with joy, a beaming smile took over my face, and a hop-skip-jump lifted my body! My Eagle Spirit messenger came again, arriving right on cue, with needed medicine for my tired Soul. 

Silently, the Great Spirt of Eagle summoned me, whispering in my buoyant heart: “It’s time! You are ready to fly!”  

*                    *                    *

Golden Eagle

This ceremony came to be not long after this encounter. Though dear to my heart, Eagle was a Spirit Animal I’d yet to work with in my healing and activation work. For some reason, I didn’t feel it was time. Now I know why. 

And so it was, that with dazzling guidance from Eagle, feeling its wings stretching out from my open heart, I knew I was to no longer wait. It was time to invite others to receive its message and medicine — to fly with, and as, Eagle Spirit.  

Physical Dimensions of Eagle

Stellar’s Sea Eagle

Let’s explore some things about Eagle at physical and then spiritual dimensions. After, we’ll look at the specifics of this ceremony, and how this Spirit Animal can support your healing and empowerment.

There are about 70 species of Eagles spread across all continents except Antarctica. Members of the scientific family Accipitridae, they are informally classified into four groups, which are Snake Eagles, Booted Eagles, Harpy Eagles, and Sea Eagles. 

Philippine Eagle

Research tells us that the heaviest Eagle is the Stellar’s Sea Eagle weighing up to almost 15 pounds, or 7 kilograms. As for total length, the Philippine Eagle is chief at 3 feet 3 inches, or 100 centimetres. When it comes to wingspan, the White-Tailed Sea-Eagle tops the charts at 7 feet 2 inches, or 218.5 centimetres.

Eagles are known to fly at stunning heights, with estimates being 10,000 to 15,000 feet, 3,000 to 4,500 metres, above sea level. However, they don’t make the top 10 high flying winged ones. Found in East Africa and the Sahara, the highest flying bird is the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture which travels a staggering 37,000 feet or 11,300 metres above sea level. In 1973, this bird had a collision with an aircraft at this cruising altitude, causing damage to one of the engines and certain death for the unfortunate Vulture. 

White-Tailed Sea Eagle

Returning to Eagle, here are some other characteristics within the physical dimension:

  • Female Eagles are about 1/3 larger than males  
  • Eagles are monogamous creatures, mating and enjoying life with the same beloved their entire life
  • Courtship involves a beautiful, entangled, often tumbling-spiral dance; and mating always occurs on a branch or the nest
  • Copulation is the meeting of cloaca, or “exit chambers.” The male mounts the female, she turns to the side, lifts her feathers, and then the “cloaca kiss” takes place. I love that term! Sperm is passed from one cloaca to another.
  • Both female and male partake in nest building, and if the nest is successful in protecting the offspring, they use the same nest every year
  • With powerful talons and wings, Eagles are known to capture small Deer and Sheep, and lift them to a higher location   
  • It is believed that Eagles can spot a rabbit 3.2 kilometres or 2 miles away, and can see 8 times further than humans
  • Eagles fly at about 30 miles / 48 km per hour, and when diving for prey, up to an astounding 200 miles / 320 km per hour
  • Different Eagle types have different migratory partners. Studies show that Bald Eagles can migrate 225 miles / 360 km in a day, with the average distance being 98 miles / 158 km. 

Now that we’ve covered the visible realm of Eagle, which I hope was interesting for you, let’s fly higher into the invisible and indivisible dimensions of this beautiful Spirit Animal. 

Spiritual Dimensions of Eagle

White-Tailed Sea Eagle

Eagle represents the Spirit of our Higher Self — the heavenly dimensions of our eternal nature that crystallize into and as our body, and experience this temporary world. As a powerful shamanic Spirit Animal, its presence acts as a stargate portal bridging us from Earth and our human identity to the Light Realms of our multidimensional divinity. Eagle lifts us onto its broad wings and takes us beyond the illusory spell of matter — maya — to explore the infinite, the lightness of no-thing.

The shamanic Eagle is a master sky dancer, an oft-solo being who knows the freedom of detachment and open space. Those who receive its message and medicine, who take it to heart, feel and remember the freedom that comes from being alone, quietly perched above it all, away from the flock; they feel and remember the spaciousness of open flight, the peaceful emptiness that is our natural state.

Nighttime dreams of flying, and seeing winged friends delight in the air — like Hummingbird, Raven, Dove, Butterfly, Eagle, etc, remind us of what we long for, who we are, and where we come from. Like all winged beings, Eagle sparks a Soul memory of our Angelic Home and hidden Angel Wings extending beautifully from our heart. They silently whisper that the weightiness of matter, our dense form, is not reality, not Truth, but that boundless Lightness of Being is. 

What stands out amongst our Eagle friends, as compared to other birds, is the effortlessness in which they fly. You may have witnessed how Eagles soar with ease, barely flapping their large wings. They spiral, circling in a sacred vortex, riding the windy currents and flows of their Spirit and life, and do so with utmost grace, awe and beauty. Their sky-dancing mastery teaches us how to be powerful and graceful at once, and how to move with the rhythms of life with ease. 

This is all part of Eagle’s mystique, its humble message and medicine. It’s no wonder that human beings, shamans and light workers worldwide have been drawn to this great Spirit Animal. And yet, there is so much more about this Teacher of Celestial Flight…

From On High in its heavenly altitudes, Eagle perceives through metaview and mystical vision. It invites us to rise above our circumstances to see what’s hidden from us at ground zero. For example, if you are entering a new relationship, and you imagine the relationship represents a maze, your awakened Eagle Spirit can help you see the metaview, or larger picture, of what this relationship holds for you — that it’s filled with many exciting passages, or a series of dead ends. 

Your physical and mystical metaview is the expression of your third eye chakra, and becomes more powerful as the latter is activated. Eagle is one of the most important Spirit Animals we can turn to for activating this chakra and our shamanic (in)sight. Working with the pituitary gland that’s associated with this energy centre, Eagle’s medicine purifies, balances and birth’s your third eye’s gifts of vision. You become clearer on current matters and have a greater sense of what is before you — future timeless and possibilities, challenges and destiny. You perceive and choose more from your Higher Eagle Self that dwells far above, and detached from, the complex mazes of human existence. 

Bald Eagle

There is a piercing quality about Eagle’s vision and way of being. Look into the eyes of an Eagle and you see an intense focus. If you were to gaze directly into those eyes from close range, you may feel a depth of sight piercing your Soul. 

Imagining those fiery eyes and feeling Eagle’s directed power, we can sense how Eagle carries the message and medicine of the Divine Masculine. It supports us to awaken a presence that is strong, determined, alert, forthright, fierce, bold, to the point. Eagle awakens the arrows of our Soul that wish to fire across the sky, just as this Spirit Animal pierces the sky when diving for its prey. 

Eagle Spirit’s clear vision and Divine Masculine moves us into concise action and away from procrastination. It activates the willingness to stand upright, in integrity and authority, as the sovereign creative author of our life. Eagle’s strength inspires us to look directly into another’s eyes and say what needs to be said; to no longer tolerate the unacceptable; to speak and act from the effortlessness of calm presence and dignity. It empowers us to speak one of the most powerful and feared (avoided) words — No! 

Moreover, Eagle’s Divine Masculine activated in our hearts emboldens the protector in us that stands for ourselves, for the children of this world, and for Mother Gaia. It protects and honours the Divine Feminine, inside and out, holding fierce, unwavering space for Her wild Shakti to burn bright.  

Bald Eagle

The message and medicine of Eagle also helps us open our tender hearts. This is true for all winged beings. Humbly, they teach what’s so often overlooked — that unless we bravely expose our hearts, our wings will not open and we cannot fly. Opening our hearts opens our Eagle & Angel Wings, and vice versa. The more we heal and open our heart, the more we embrace our Higher Eagle Self and fly into our divine destiny. 

With hearts open, we remember our innate freedom. We experience ourselves as the Free Birds birds we already are. 

Isn’t it interesting, and only natural, that we associate bird with freedom, just as we associate child with wild? Indeed, all Winged Beings transmit a subtle message to our hearts, a whisper of Truth we already know: “Freedom is who you are.”

With Eagle’s support, our hearts and wings open to this inheritance, a reality the child in us has never forgotten. We are reconciled to our unbounded divinity, to the love we’ve always been that, like the sky, has no edges, that is wild, untamed, free to move, be, express.

To Fly, as a Free Bird. 

Healing & Activation Ceremony

Golden Eagle

In this ceremony, you directly commune with the Great Spirit of Eagle. You merge with its unbounded Cosmic Consciousness, and in doing so, the divine qualities of your own Eagle Spirit’s DNA come alive. 

You hold within your Soul the entire Blueprint of Creation, which means you are already one with Eagle, just as you are one with the Sacred Rose, White Buffalo Woman and Sirius. You’ve always had an Eagle Spirit, its gifts and wisdom, since the moment of your conception in Divine Mother’s still Black Womb. This is Her great gift to all Her children — weaving our Cosmic DNA to perfectly match Her own. We are born to explore, experience and know ourselves as everything, all the Wonders of Life! 

This ceremony helps you realize this divine inheritance through embodied union. By merging with Eagle’s transmission and feeling its mighty presence, the dormant Eagle codes of your spiritual DNA activate and their divine qualities come online, to the extent you are ready. They stir awake and rise from their nested slumber along your biological DNA, and soar through your human awareness. Your human genome is upgraded from carbon to crystalline — from density to heavenly f-light.

Activating the divine qualities of your Eagle Spirit transforms your body, mind and heart. Progressively, you are inspired to act and perceive as Eagle does — as one with the Cosmic Oversoul of Eagle. Even without clear conscious awareness, this activated divinity shifts your subtle perception and point of direction, if only by two degrees. Over a long distance, this small change in course creates a vast new reality. You are freed to experience and fly into greater dimensions of your Higher Self, and life. 

Eagle also provides advanced quantum healing in this ceremony. Its transmission clears the roots of suffering, namely your trauma and programming spanning lifetimes, as well as the unhealthy vows and oaths binding you to the past and patterns of unnecessary suffering.

Via the link at the bottom, you are guided to set healing empowerment intentions for anything you want. Bearing in mind that we grow and evolve through successive stages of integrative awareness, Eagle’s transmission may not be enough to lift you out of a particular nest, but it may help you move closer to the edge. 

Perhaps that familiar nest is an unfulfilling relationship or job, or a physical environment that no longer feels like home. Maybe your nest represents the comfortable confines of a contracted voice afraid to speak the Truth or set boundaries. Or maybe your nest is the place of settling for procrastination instead of courageously acting on your creative impulses — of taking the leap into the unknown. 

In working with your Higher Self in this ceremony, Eagle is not here to push you beyond what you are able to receive and grow into. It doesn’t push you to the edge of your nest, or pull your wings apart to expose your tender heart. Instead, with a safe and loving presence, Eagle supports you, inch-by-inch, further afield into new adventures your Soul is ready to embrace. It may gently lift one or two few feathers up so more of the Breath of Life finds your heart, and lifts you. 

Working with your intentions, while meeting you where you are in your spiritual evolution, Eagle’s Wisdom knows exactly how to support your healing and empowerment. 

Please remember that nothing is too much to ask from Eagle in this ceremony, whether that be in the context of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual concerns / desires. You may ask to have your third eye vision activated, to have your wounded heart healed, and to feel the courage to spread your wings and fly. You may ask to be more bold and assertive, more willing to take risks and stand true and tall, saying Yes to the Higher Author-ity of your Eagle Spirit, and No to those who try to keep you in your outgrown nest. 

Indeed, from On High and from within your boundless heart, the Great Spirit of Eagle summons you to live and breathe in harmonious union with its ancient shamanic presence and majestic flight; to spread your wings and fly as the Free Bird you’ve always been. 

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Bald Eagle