Distant Healing

“For 20 years, I had struggled with a very painful, weak shoulder and arm that were exacerbated by exercise, such as shovelling snow or raking leaves. Since Vince performed the three distant healings, that shoulder and arm have been completely pain-free, even when subjected to hours of physical labour. Also, prior to the healings, my whole upper back was tender and aching for months due to stress and depression, and now that pain is totally non-existent. More so, pain and stiffness in my hips due to advanced osteo-arthritis has been reduced. This is all quite miraculous to me. My skepticism did not allow me to fully believe Vince could help given that fairly advanced decay of bone, muscle and cartilage is not easily reversed. I can’t recommend him highly enough. As a healer, on many levels, Vince will support and enhance the metamorphosis of anyone willing to trust.” ~ Linda

Distant healing is the most powerful, accessible and cost-effective healing work I offer.

It’s an opportunity to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments without having to depart from your daily routine. Conducted remotely, you receive three healings over approximately a 10-15 day period. You do not know when they take place, but are informed via email when they are completed. 

Distant healing can have a number of effects. It can provide immediate relief from chronic pain, low energy and other somatic ailments, as well as improvements in mood, sleep, vitality, self-esteem and relationships. It can, however, also temporarily intensify physical discomfort, cause nausea, or bring up a variety of unexpected emotions or memories. This unease in the body is part of the clearing process. Old energy / trauma is brought to the surface for release such that healthy and vital life force permeates the physiology and pain diminishes. 

If you wish to receive any extra support integrating your experience, you can book a somatic counselling session with me.

Before booking your distant healing, first please read all the information below.

Details & Booking: 
“‘Reluctant’, ‘hocus pocus’, ‘placebo’ are some of the words that went through my mind when Vince proposed distant healing. Though a true Cynic, I was a cynic in desperation, the bottom of the barrel, a dark hole I needed to come out of. I decided to take the risk. Bound with an autoimmune disorder, I struggled with alopecia (hair falling out), severe psoriasis on both palms, and chronic back, shoulder, feet and neck pain that plagued me for decades. About two weeks after the sessions I noticed my hands for the first time healing and physical pain decreasing. Today, two months later, I sit here eczema free, with all my hair grown back, and without any of the chronic physical pain. Not only did the healings transform my body, but so far the results seem to be long term. Truly amazing!” ~ Niall

Packages of three: I do not conduct distant healing in one-off sessions. It must be purchased in packages of three so you maximize the potential of this work. Each healing builds upon the previous one, with your healing deepening throughout the 10-15 days.

Timing: I do not tell people the day or time I conduct the healing. What I can tell you is the approximate day I will begin and end. I’ll contact you about four days after completing the final healing to let you know I’m done and to find out how you are. Some people feel shifts during the 10-15 day period; yet many, if not most, only experience positive changes about 4-7 days after the three healings are complete. 

Intentions: When you email me to book your distant healing, please state what your intentions are. What do you want help with?

  • Feel free to ask for support on all levels of health – physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual
  • Be brief and specific. Write in bullet points.
  • Exclude any background story. Keep to the specifics of your intentions.
  • Use intentional language. For example:
    • “I want to heal my depression/anger” versus writing, “I’ve been depressed/angry for years.”
    • “I want my arms to feel strong” versus, “My arms continue to feel weak.”
    • “I want to feel more calm and less reactive around my kids” versus, “I’m always so reactive around my kids.”
    • “I want to relieve the chronic tightness in my hips” versus, “My hips are so tight and I cannot sit cross-legged.”
    • The former is the intention, the latter is the story.
  • If you decide to change or update your intentions after you send them, please resend all your intentions versus only sending the new ones. I want one email with everything in it.
  • Write your intentions in the email itself versus in an attached document. Please do not send your intentions through text or social media. 
  • I do not remind people to send their intentions if they forget. Once I have payment, you will receive the healing; but your intentions add power to it so please remember to email them. 

Participation: You do not need to prepare in any way for these sessions. Nor do you need to change your lifestyle during the time period I am conducting the healings. Live as you normally do. 

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, please let me know. While the distant healing cannot harm the growing child, I still protect him or her from the healing process to distinguish the healing as being for you, not the child. Once the healing is complete, the protective mechanism I use is removed. 

Extra support: I generally do not speak to distant healing clients prior to the first session or between following sessions. My busy schedule affords me little time to do so. Brief email correspondence, however, is welcome. Also, as mentioned above, if you do need extra integrative support, you can book one or more counselling sessions. 

Fee & Payment: The fee for three distance healings is $175 total

  • If you live in Canada, please pay by e-transfer and ensure that the answer to the security question is easy for me to figure out.
  • If you live outside of Canada, please pay via this PayPal link

Cancellation policy: Once you make your payment, no refund is offered. Because the three sessions are scheduled in my calendar in advance and due to the fact there are three sessions booked (as opposed to one counselling session), it’s logistically tricky to fill those spots should you cancel. So, with payment received, the healings proceed. 

No guarantees: Most people notice a marked change in their mental, emotional, physical and/ or spiritual state. For some, it’s a complete eradication of symptoms—emotionally they feel better than they have in years and physical ailments are 100% healed. For others, as demonstrated in the testimonials below, they experience only partial improvement. And then there are those who don’t experience anything. Key reasons for not getting the results you want include:

  • A layer has been healed through the distant work, but not enough has been released to feel the subtle shift.
  • The healing has planted the seed of healthy change that will blossom into felt-awareness in the perfect time and season. In other words, the healing needs further time to integrate. 
  • The illness has not fully run its necessary evolutionary course through the body/mind/spirit; meaning, there is still learning to be gained from enduring through the suffering. Perhaps one needs to humble or slow down more, or the illness is meant to open the individual to their creativity, wisdom, purpose, or an unforeseen encounter. Until that time, the pain is required “curriculum”, a necessary teacher to listen to.
  • The individual identifies with the illness to such a degree that they are not ready to depart from it. Usually done unconsciously, they still depend on it to define themselves and their lifestyle. The more steeped the pain is in the system, the greater the “comfort” can be with that pain. Herein lies a perceived security that underlies and upholds one’s pain-identity: I am my pain. One must be ready enough to release or surrender that identity to open to the healing.

Suffice to say, there is a possibility that you don’t get your desired results and, therefore, I must state that I do not make any guarantees. 

Book your distant healings: Payment secures your spot in my calendar to receive the healings. Once you have paid, please send an email to events@vincegowmon.com with your intentions. Please note that my email is often misspelled—the last name is GowmOn, not GowmAn.

Thank you! 

“I’ve had constant pain in my left shoulder, pec and hip flexor for a few years. As a fitness instructor this really limited me when I would exercise and it was so frustrating that I couldn’t push my body the way I knew I should be able to. After three distance healing sessions with Vince, I no longer feel any pain or discomfort. I had accepted the fact that this would be something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Even physiotherapy, massage, and acupuncture were barely temporary fixes. I am now able to exercise without modifying and the range of motion in my arm is something I won’t take for granted again. It’s still shocking to me that Vince, through his distance healings, was able to relieve my physical symptoms when no other practitioner had been able to. Vince has been so helpful to me in such a short time in my healing and self care and I hope that he’s someone who will be guiding me for a long time.” ~ Ange

“Vince helped immensely in my healing, which led to him to work with my beautiful son who is diagnosed with autism. Daily, he has faced challenges that arise from sensory overload from such things as loud and unexpected noises, large crowds, and new environments. He has also struggled communicating. After completing six distant healing sessions with Vince I noticed significant changes in my boy. First and foremost, he referred to me for the first time ever as ‘my mommy’. When he is in need of help, instead of crying, he now asks for me. His self-regulation and self-awareness have improved dramatically, as well. Dogs barking were normally a trigger resulting in extreme meltdowns, but now he says ‘dog’ and covers his ears. If he hears sudden noises while we are out he runs to or asks for me and, together, we work through it. As a family these are substantial improvements that allow more flexibility in our daily routine and outings. I am thankful to have Vince for guidance for myself and for my son as we continue on our journey.” ~ Mary

“For over two decades, I struggled with severe, chronic pain that limited my ability to enjoy life. Specifically, I suffered with arthritis, tightness and mobility issues in my hips, shoulders, neck, hands and feet that years of osteopathy, massage, acupuncture, acupressure and Reiki could not heal. After receiving six distant healing sessions from Vince, I’m happy to say that I’ve experienced a 90% reduction in pain. More so, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my range of motion, mood, energy, creativity, as well as increased capacity to manage stress and uncertainty. I’m deeply grateful for Vince’s gift and can’t recommend him enough!” ~ Tasha

“For more than ten years, I had constant pressure on one side of my skull and sinus that could not be addressed by conventional medical diagnoses and treatment. Three distant healing sessions from Vince helped lift the fog and brought significant relief to the swollen sensations on my skull. More so, I experienced a feeling of lightness and my energy levels improved as well. This result is quite remarkable, if not miraculous. Vince has been a patient and supportive healer to me during the entire process. I wholeheartedly recommend both his somatic counselling and distant healing work.” ~ Darnell

“I had two distant healing sessions with Vince for a painful sinus issue I’ve had for more than two years. Doctors and specialists were unable to diagnose the issue or do more than prescribe medication. Nothing they did changed my situation. After the first session with Vince I noticed the effects right away. My symptoms were not gone but much easier to be with. I also had more energy. The second session had a longer lasting effect, and again, the intensity of my symptoms lightened. Since then, things have been moving more fluidly with a heavier discharge, which encourages me to think the issue is resolving. Thank you Vince, you’ve given me some precious relief!” ~ Carlos

“I have had great results with Vince’s distant healing sessions. My nervous system was working in over drive from being very sick and I was housebound from being so unwell and feeling shaky. Vince did some distant healing work for me and after I felt more settled and at peace in my body. My nervous system started to calm and the shaking slowed considerably. The day after my session I was able to leave the house and run an errand for the first time in weeks. Thanks Vince, your distant healing work is powerful!” ~ Christina