Delighted Clients


Happy social workers having a Kindergarden moment!

I am thrilled to have worked with numerous corporate, community based and non-profit organizations. Click here for a complete client list or continue reading below for some comments from my delighted clients.




HealthCare Leaders of BC ~ “This workshop is a must for anyone who wants to lead their team towards creative thinking, engaging dialogue and productive action. What impressed me the most about this workshop is that Vince was able to gauge the reactions of the various members of the group and instantly adapt the workshop to address their needs. He is truly a master of his art – coaching – and one cannot help but want to learn and emulate the incredibly powerful tools and techniques to achieve the great things that we know our co-workers, our families and ourselves are capable of.” ~ Camille Rozon, Member Services

British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association ~ “It is strong content and engaging presenters like you that help bring delegates to the BCRPA Symposium time and again. More importantly, presentations like yours give our members the knowledge and tools to provide better programs and services in their communities, enhancing quality of life across British Columbia. I hope that your experience at Symposium was as rewarding for you as your session was to our members.” ~ Suzanne Allard Strutt, Chief Executive Officer and Symposium Chair

Kitimat Community Services Society ~ “My agency was looking for some personal development and team building training when we learned about Vince’s workshop Leadership from the Inside Out. We expected to learn a little bit about ourselves, our interactions with co-workers and maybe take away a few skills to be better team players. We experienced all of this in such a big way that our lives have been changed forever. 

We were supported to examine of our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, and how we can be present more for each other and in our lives. We took risks to have courageous conversations and clarify concerns. And we crossed critical boundaries into problem solving through a deeper understanding of the roles we take on at work, and how our abilities and limitations are defined by these roles.   

This workshop was uncomfortable at times. It was scary. It was amazing. It was healing. It was a gift. We moved to personal ownership, resolution and forgiveness. And we opened ourselves up to the greatness that is in all of us. We express deep gratitude to Vince Gowmon for all that he is and all that he gives.” ~ Denise O’Neill, Executive Director

Vancouver Coastal Health ~ “Vince conducted a workshop for all staff at Three Bridges Community Health Centre, Adult and Older Adult Program. (Nurses, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Social Workers and support staff) We focused on communication skills, listening, slowing down to communicate better intuitatively, being cautious with words to build on each other’s conversation. Many staff thanked me for this personal and workplace investment and commented on how much they enjoyed the exercises and getting to know their colleagues in a different setting. Communication is key to every avenue in life; gaining skills and confidence in a non threatening environment is an investment that just makes sense. This session is being sustained in the workplace by the “BUT COUNT”. During team meetings staff are encouraged to keep track of the ‘buts’ and replace them with ‘ands’. Any team completing a meeting with NO BUTS wins a prize. I believe the team is much more understanding and supportive and I see the results of improved morale and working collaboratively.” ~ Heather Wright, AOA Manager and Manager of Adult Day Centre Contracts

Family Support Institute ~ “Vince was an energetic, passionate and humorous presenter that held our attention and our hearts consistently while we learned. There was plenty of time for conversation, practice and laughter. As a large provincial organization managing a large volunteer network we were looking to have Vince teach us basic tools of engagement and communication.We were excited to get more than we expected; Vince offered our volunteers parents and family members tangible tools on how to engage more effectively with other families while withholding judgment, how to tell their story from their heart, strategies on how to enter into a conversation from a more positive perspective, and tools to assist them in walking a journey with another family. Our team felt so close to Vince that he was welcomed into our ‘family’ quickly and without hesitation.” ~ Angela Clancy, Executive Director

  Shadbolt Centre for the Arts ~ “Vince’s session for the Fine Arts Program Services division at the Shadbolt Centre was refreshing, engaging, interactive and fun! An important aspect of our day was to connect colleagues who don’t ordinarily interact – Vince accomplished this through his engaging activities and exercises dedicated to creating a cohesive team through discussion and play. The Program Services team was able to create a list of tangible goals that will be utilized throughout our work and we thank you Vince, for being genuine and responsive to the specific needs of our team, energizing us to Connect, Dream, Share and Align!” ~ Tanya Rankin, Fine Arts Coordinator

Community Living BC ~ “If you are looking for ways to build your team, and enhance their ability to work together and make decisions, Cultivating Intuition is the workshop for you. Vince weaves information, communication and self-awareness in a way that strengthens our capabilities and our connections with ourselves, and others. He brings us back to those things that will keep us acting from the heart in healthy and productive ways. I highly recommend this workshop.” ~ Shelley Nessman, Self Advocate Advisor

UNBC ChildCare Society ~ “Our team had been feeling disconnected from each other, and had been having a hard time communicating our needs to fellow team members. Vince’s Leadership from the Inside Out session paved the way for increased team cohesion, better understanding of each other’s needs, and the tools to have courageous conversations. Vince helped us understand the balance of our personal/professional selves, and as an individual I have to say that for the first time in years I feel like I am not leaving part of my spirit behind when I go to work. I would recommend this session to any team wishing to have healthy communication.” ~ Kelly Thirkettle, ECE, Manager

The Health Work & Wellness™ Group ~ “Vince Gowmon provided an energetic kick-off to The Better Workplace Conference 2012 by facilitating a ‘Leaders at Play’ session with our participants. He was able to engage the whole group in a fun way, which caused what one conference delegate described as a “transformation from quiet strangers to engaged and energetic conference attendees!” This is exactly the experience we wanted participants to have. In addition to having fun, and getting us out of our ‘boxes’ there were many take-aways for delegates to utilize as leaders in their own workplaces. This session was rated as one of the top ten highlights of our three-day conference. I would highly recommend Vince for any leadership training event!” ~ Deborah Connors, President & Managing Director

Canuck Place ~ “Vince makes you look inside yourself for the answers that already exist. He is a great leader not because he eads, rather he lets you lead yourself where you need to go. Vince’s workshop was self-affirming and life-affirming.” ~ Laura Fielding, Recreational Therapist

South Peace Community Resources Society ~ “Vince helped us remember to be inspired, to use our work as a creative outlet and to balance our responsibilities with our joy. Remembering to Play workshops improved the morale of all levels of the organization. Employees told management that this workshop was the best thing that ever happened in the work place. Through the workshops we were able to develop a culture where excitement and passion became integral to the outcomes of our work. Relationships between employees are deeper and we are all supported in being the best we can be. For myself, I remembered to view work as an expression of our selves, to welcome challenges and to be intentional in our interaction with others.” ~ Jane Harper, Executive Director

Early Learning and Child Care Conference ~ “Vince was impressive in how he had our whole Conference group of 116 participants fully engaged, inspired and energized for the full 2.5 hour session. He brought smiles, laughter and new insights to how we can work to improve our relationships together as professionals and most importantly those relationship with the children we work with so closely every day.” ~Alison Rinas, Coordinator, ELCC Conference Committee.

Immigration Services Society of BC ~ “Engaging, motivating, joyous and uplifting are only a few of the many adjectives one could use to describe Vince as he invites you to walk with him on this journey called Remembering to Play. It has been over half a year since Vince gave his keynote address to our annual All Staff Gathering of 300+ and staff still smile and say ‘Yes AND…..!’ when we do team-building or brainstorming events. I challenge you to reflect on how many keynote addresses have a shelf-life with staff like that!” ~ Theo Madeley, Director-HR

Ministry of Housing & Social Development ~ “Vince’s workshop on ‘Making Conversations Count’ was just what we needed. He has made an art form of teaching through playing. He taught us some very specific and easy to use techniques on engaging in meaningful dialogue with other human beings. His blend of activities, humour and wisdom left us inspired and energized for days. Many of us at the workshop were so impressed that we are now looking to recruit him to work with our individual teams. Anticipate fun if you are around Vince!” ~ Nayda Paruk, Supervisor

Delta Community Living Society ~ “Vince’s keynote and workshop was by far one of the best we have attended. Staff were inspired and engaged and developed the skills and confidence to challenge the systems and barriers we perceive and operate within. The impact has been profound; the staff commented that they developed a greater sense of tolerance and appreciation for each other. It was a good reminder for us all that work could still be fun. Vince’s authenticity, youthful approach and infectious passion greatly influenced our organization, the staff, and the people we support.” ~ Anita Sihota, Executive Director

Fort St. John Association for Community Living ~ “Awesome, Incredible and Refreshing were just a few of the comments made by our staff. Vince inspired us to listen to our inner-values as to what is truly important in our work and in our personal relationships. We came away that day with a closer understanding of each other which will definitely create a stronger team. We will definitely have Vince back.” ~ Elaine Bourdon, Human Resources/Office Supervisor


Canadian Mental Health Association ~ “Vince has a calm and easy going way of making people in a group feel comfortable and at ease. We knew each other from being together over a period of a time, but this was a unique opportunity to experience the lighter side of ourselves in a very safe way. We unraveled stories that were magical, shared our core values, all because we were given permission to play and be silly. What a relief and what a gift to experience this liberation and creative event. The memories and lessons linger on.” ~ Keltie Bassett, Program Coordinator

North Vancouver Recreation Commission ~ “Vince facilitated and led an excellent workshop on community engagement for our Recreation Programmer and Coordinator staff teams, using his ‘World’s Model’ and tools. Vince’s coaching skills and knowledge greatly enhanced our experience, both in our personal learning and in our team building. His use of play as a theme for learning important communication and engagement skills was very effective, providing staff with practical tools that can be used in all our relationships. Vince helped our staff take significant steps forward in engaging one another, our patrons and our community.” ~ Linette Smith, Access and Community Engagement Coordinator

Ridge Meadows Association for Community Living ~ “A master at putting theory into practice through experiential learning, Vince creatively incorporates play into real and valuable skill building in the areas of communication, collaboration and problem solving. Although this workshop is full of laughter the benefits are relevant and profound. By the end of the day everyone was energized, more open minded and ready to take on the next challenge. This is not a workshop where you will forget what you learned!” ~ Gillian Small, Coordinator of Quality Assurance

Dawson Creek Society for Community Living ~ “The Inspired Workplace outcomes have instilled an energy that will not only aide me in my life and family decisions, but will also enhance the relationships I have with other employees and outside interests. This is a great way to motivate any person and as a management employee I know it will create stronger team building, and enhance the performance of our company as a whole.” ~ Charlotte McClellan, Finance Manager

Ministry of Education ~ “We invited Vince to give a Remembering to Play session. The staff were a little apprehensive at first, but by the end of the session the staff were laughing, sharing stories and building wonderful working relationships. It was a very uplifting visionary session and all the staff as well myself did not want it to end. Thank you Vince.” ~ Susan Kubisheski, Healthy Workplace Coordinator

Child Care Resource & Referral ~ “For those of us who have chosen TO PLAY with children as a career path this workshop supports the work we do. Vince facilitated the Remembering to Play workshop to an audience of Early Childhood professionals. His interactive approach gets the audience participating and connecting with one another using a common thread, our passion for CHILDREN! Vince re-connects us with the inquisitive, playful child within and gives us permission to express ourselves playfully. He brings us to a place where we are reminded of how it feels to be a child using our own experience and recollection of memory. Then he gives us the tools of how to apply that feeling to our lives here and now.” ~ Cheryl Breitkreutz, Program Coordinator

Ministry of Children & Family Development ~ “The process that Vince introduced is a lost art form in my opinion. I realized that play, laughter, and curiosity are necessary components in a healthy & productive work environment. I re-discovered the joy that curiosity brings to our working day, had a lot of fun building relationships with co-workers that I hardly ever see, and personally felt valued, trusted, and a very positive sense of well-being!” ~ Candice Baytaluke, Adoption/Guardianship Consultant, Deputy Director’s Team