Delighted Participants

Words of delight from participants of the Communication Skills for Empowered Leadership Webinar Series


“Vince has masterfully crafted a fun, playful and experiential online learning journey about the art of transformational communication and compassionate connection. After the very first webinar session, I learned new skills that I could apply immediately. I finished the webinar with increased confidence and am experiencing deeper and more meaningful conversations in my personal and professional relationships. I also had the pleasure to turn strangers into friends and be a part of a virtual community powered by encouragement, delight and respect. A most heartfelt, big THANK YOU to Vince for holding the safe space, for gifting the comprehensive content, and for sharing the art in his heART known as the Communication Skills for Empowerment Leadership Webinar!” ~ Ally Finkel, Founder & Creative Facilitator, Swirl Soup | Creative Expression PlayShops 

“Vince’s webinar series helped me move away from ‘my world/their world’ thinking towards a place called ‘our world’. This has been especially helpful in co-creating respectful, engaged and authentic conversations and problem solving with our Board of Directors, Early Childhood Educators, parents and children. It also helped me realize that I didn’t have to give up the culture of relationship based practice that is central to ECE when I moved from working directly with children to a managerial role. Thank you for that Vince.” ~ Charlene Gray, ECE, Executive Coordinator, Comox Valley Children’s Day Care Society

“Vince’s webinar series ‘Communication Skills for Empowerment Leadership’ has been a true gift for our team. I can safely say we have been impacted both personally and professionally. The learning process Vince shared in his gentle and mindful ways has been hugely applicable to daily life. I learned how important it is to communicate with careful empathic listening and expression. It is an excellent team building process as well as a loving gift to yourself.” ~ Judi Malcolm, Manager, Oceanside Building Learning Together Society and School District 69 

“I highly recommend Vince’s Communication Skills for Empowered Leadership webinar. In this fun and interactive course, Vince created a safe space and guided formats to delve in and practice highly conscious communicating from the heart. He provided practical insight and created a spacious field for participants to open up, share their experience and perspectives, and tackle common difficult conversations from the highest awareness of heart and soul. One little tidbit from the first class has transformed my work, communications and relationships – connect before you correct!  I am thankful for having the opportunity to do this online course and interact with Vince and other conscious professionals on a very personal and real basis to improve my communication skills.” ~ Patti Lutke, Learning Specialist  

“I thoroughly enjoyed Vince’s webinar on Communication Skills for Empowerment Leadership. He balances wisdom, insight, and experience with humour and play. I am grateful for the confident and mindful way I now approach how I communicate with others in all of my daily interactions.” ~ C. Peters – Program facilitator, Oceanside Building Learning Together Society