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“Working with Vince has helped me to respond more and react less, to be kinder to myself and experience less fear and anxiety. His warm, open, playful and patient manner creates a safe and encouraging space to see and feel into the parts of me locked away and wishing room to breathe. Gradually, with Vince’s help, I am unlayering one layer at a time, building confidence, and feeling safer each day to be my best self.” ~ Rachel

“Vince has been instrumental to my healing. The day I walked into my first therapy session with him I felt understood, and after leaving I felt a deep sense of peace. Prior to Vince, for many months I tried cognitive talk and NPL therapy, but nobody was able to get to the core as Vince did. Vince has a healing gift. He is kind, gentle and respectful yet not afraid to be strong in guiding you to your truth. After seeing Vince you will find yourself not only on a healing path but truly understanding why you feel the way you do.” ~ Natalie

“Somehow, miraculously, my journeys into my shadow self with Vince’s loving guidance have been both profound and deeply healing. The shift in me has been tangible. Energy is flowing, relationships are deepening, anxiety, depression and insomnia are disappearing. Appetite is back. Natural great peace is happening. Rarely in life do we meet such gifted healers and teachers. Eternally grateful.” ~ Sarah

“Vince and I have built a relationship based on trust, acceptance and honour. He makes me comfortable by creating a non judgemental environment where I can say what I feel and know that even if he were to disagree, he respects my freedom to do so. Through our sessions, I have begun to develop a deeper understanding of myself and how I energetically connect to the universe. Vince is helping me to discover the parts of myself that have influenced my behavior, thoughts and feelings which have remained ‘locked away’ in my nervous system. I am now calmer, more introspective and excited to continue the journey.” ~ Dave McIlroy

“I sought out Vince when I was feeling stuck moving forward in my life with the same negative patterns/situations continuing to repeat themselves. I love how he uses a mix of talk therapy, life coaching and somatic trauma resolution to identify and address each issue in the best way possible. With Vince’s help, I have learned what thought patterns and deeply held beliefs have held me back, and have gained the tools necessary to work through them and approach life situations in better, healthier and more productive ways. Since working with Vince I feel more confident and better equipped to move forward into a new and better life, following my passion and doing what I truly want to do. ” ~ Bonnie

“Vince creates a safe and compassionate space where honesty and integrity are valued, and my darkest secrets and most painful memories can be shared. He listens compassionately through my tears, anger and rants and responds with care, wisdom, understanding and integrity. He has helped me to begin to understand the complexity of my grief and pain. I highly recommend his expertise and honesty to everyone that needs a sensitive ear and a compassionate, listening heart.” ~ Lydia