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Voice & Creative Expression Coaching

Supporting you to express your voice confidently and your creative spirit joyfully into the world!

On top of my general Life Coaching sessions, I offer a specific kind of coaching for those wanting to strengthen and gain confidence in their voice and creative expression. During these one hour private sessions, you are offered a safe and supportive environment to explore the depth and range of your voice, and to unlock the potential of your creativity.

Specifically, you will: 

  • Learn through movement, song, storytelling, drawing and dialogue
  • —  Songs may come from the variety of world music Vince plays on his guitar
  • —  Vince will use a balance of improvisation and structured activities
  • —  He will guide you through three stages of creativity: Doodle, Dream and the Dance of Co-Creation
  • Deepen your connection to joy and aliveness, to what wants to be felt
  • Broaden the texture and depth of tone in your voice, expanding your range of expression
  • Open to the emergence of dreams and insight—to the unexpected
  • Gain practical tools to speak your truth, ask for what you want and say No
  • Become more confident to assert yourself in difficult situations
  • Clarify and receive practical support on creative projects
  • Receive support in overcoming blocks, including fears and limiting beliefs
  • Receive home-play practices to deepen your exploration
  • Reconnect to the free-spirited child in you

“Joy is but the sign that creative emotion is fulfilling its purpose.” ~ Charles Du Bos

Please note, this is not coaching on how to become a better singer. Rather, it is a means of supporting you to express yourself more freely and authentically through a variety of pathways. You may find yourself singing more on pitch, but that is not the most important outcome. What is more vital is that you feel liberated to rest in what feels most natural or true in the moment.

While it is recommended that the coaching be done in person, I can coach on the phone or through Skype as well.

Email me at to receive more information.