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Coaching Structure

“Working with Vince has inspired me to stretch myself professionally and personally beyond what I had ever believed possible 6 months ago. And, funnily enough, the incredible success I’ve experienced has seemed rather effortless as a result of his coaching. Working with him is the best gift I have ever given myself.” ~ Lea C, Executive


1. Preparation Form:

A Preparation Form will be emailed to you, or your relationship/team, for completion prior to the Discovery Session. It is there to help you begin the exploration process on your own and prepare for the Discovery Session.

2. Discovery Session:

The purpose of this foundational session is to get an overview of your life and how you want to use the coaching. Drawing upon your answers from the preparation form, we clarify how we want to work together, overview your work/life circumstances, explore how balanced and fulfilled you are in various areas of your life, uncover core values and beliefs, and create short and long term goals for the coaching.

For individual, paired and relationship coaching this session is about two hours long. For teams, the length may vary depending on the team and the objectives. Coaching can be done in person, on the phone, or via Skype.

3a. Individual Coaching:

Individual Life Coaching lasts 45 minutes. Sessions are offered in various packages and spaced out according to your needs. For specific support on Voice and Creative Expression, click here.

3b. Relationships Coaching

Relationship Coaching is different from Paired Coaching (see below). This is strictly for romantic couples wanting to improve their love, connection, communication, trust, wellbeing, direction and respect for one another. Sessions are one hour in length.

3c. Paired Coaching:

Pair up with a loved one, friend or colleague on a three-way call and benefit not only from your own breakthroughs, but by witnessing your partner’s. You pay less than individual coaching and receive twice the amount of time.

Click here for more information on Paired Coaching

3d. Team/Group Coaching:

Team/group coaching is excellent for people with common objectives. Specific topics may include: improving team morale, creating team agreements, identifying group values and vision, and implementing communication systems. Participants learn from witnessing the insights and breakthroughs of others. It’s ideal for small groups of approximately five people.

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Prices vary depending on the type of coaching offered. Please email me for a quote at

For individual, relationship and paired coaching, I ask my clients to initially commit to three sessions by paying for all three up front. While I will give money back for any unused sessions, by having clients pay for the three sessions it acts as a form of commitment to the ongoing process of coaching. It is my experience, and the general feeling within the coaching community, that clients benefit when they commit to coaching over time.