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Paired Coaching

“Working with Vince has helped me in re-evaluating who I am and who I want to be. With his coaching, I am setting goals that support my values, that will help me realize my aspirations, and through which I am finding greater happiness every day. By working with a personal coach, I feel I am truly honouring myself.” ~ Isabelle W.

Paired Coaching is a unique way to experience coaching.

It is an opportunity to pair up with a loved one, friend or colleague and receive powerful coaching with the added benefit of learning from your partner’s coaching experiences. During a ninety-minute phone, Skype or in-person session, each individual gets coached for about forty minutes, followed by a quick debrief that everyone participates in. On top of the personal breakthroughs you get from your own coaching, you also learn by witnessing your partner’s coaching experiences. Moreover, in witnessing, you learn about coaching itself (if that is something that interests you)—how I ask questions and support your partner through their learning journey. You also have the added benefit of supporting one another in-between coaching sessions.

In a way, you could consider Paired Coaching to be like a mini-workshop! 

Just for coaches:

Paired Coaching supports coaches to learn new coaching skills while receiving all the benefits of individual coaching. There are two basic options for how you can structure the calls:

1. I coach each person followed by a debrief the three of us participate in.

2. You coach each other and I act as an observer occasionally jumping in to guide you along the way. Again, each session is followed by a debrief.

The debrief not only deepens the learning from each participant’s personal breakthroughs, but also explores how the coaching worked and didn’t work.