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How Coaching Works

“Through coaching I learned the life skills to make conscious choices, not just to be reactive and controlled by fear or some other unconscious emotion. I have learned that I can choose how I view and exist in the world and the kinds of experiences I attract. Coaching taught me to accept and appreciate my genuine self and not live through some phoney role. Above all, it gave me “life tools” for a more peaceful existence.” ~ Gina

Coaching is a dynamic relationship

The coaching relationship is like no other you may have experienced before. A large part of this is because it acknowledges you as being naturally creative, resourceful and whole: it assumes you are inherently a powerful creative being, having all the answers within you, and certainly not broken!

Coaching supports you to access your own insights and answers and then guides you to make intentional and empowering choices. You let go of what no longer works for you in your life, and grow into the person and life you wish to experience. The ongoing personal nature of the relationship creates sustained, effective and positive life changes.

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Coaching Facts:
  • My approach to coaching includes the soma—the body. It is somatic based. In the body we find intuition and creativity; it’s also where we go to resolve the blocks impeding aliveness, choice and balance. 
  • Coaching is more interested in the present and the future than the past.
  • You are supported on all aspects of your life, both personal and professional, making coaching a holistic experience.
  • You are in charge of creating the agenda for the session. The coach will always hold your agenda through curiosity and listening.
  • Once you discover your own answers, you are guided towards clear action plans.
  • The coach supports you through powerful questions, deep listening, clarifying plans of action, accountability where needed, encouragement and much more
  • Sessions occur in person, over the phone or via Skype.
  • The content of the sessions is held in complete confidence.
Ways to enhance your coaching experience:
  • Prepare for your coaching between sessions: Being prepared for each session helps you get the most out of your coaching. This means having a list of specific things to talk about when your session starts. You can make your list by noticing what happens between sessions that would be coaching-worthy topics. Write down on a note pad or your smart phone when you feel inspired, triggered, confused or clear. And then when it is time for coaching, you have your topics at hand.
  • Create a buffer before and after each session: Spend 10 minutes before each session grounding, centring and breathing. Get connected to your spirit and your intention for the session. This will allow you to make the most out of your time. And spend 10 minutes after the session in quiet space, writing, reflecting and integrating. Don’t rush to your next appointment, or arrive to the coaching session in a rush. Creating a buffer before and after the session will help you get the most out your time.
  • Choose a safe and comfortable location: If your sessions are not done in person, choose a location to be coached that is quiet, where you will not be interrupted, and where you feel safe to be fully expressed. The container is important.

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Happy Clients

“What a positive impact you have had on my life.  In my quest to maintain control of everything I was losing control and losing myself.  I’m so excited to be reclaiming myself and to be starting to peel back the layers to show my authentic self.  Thanks for the gift Vince!” ~ Brandi Thorton