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Happy Clients

“When I began to take steps for major change in my life, I knew I didn’t want to do it alone. What I was trying to do was more feeling than focus and I was lucky enough to meet Vince. During our initial conversation, he asked intelligent questions that got to the core of what I was trying to do. I knew he was the person to work with when his careful probing touched me emotionally and he sensed my energy change – and this was via Skype! Vince didn’t work with a formula. He worked with me. As I step into a great adventure, I do so with powerful understanding that Vince was able to draw out. His authenticity helped me access mine. What a beautiful way of being!” ~ Joanna Marie Roche

“When I get coached by you it really feels like you coach directly to my soul and get me in my truth. I have tons of gratitude for how far you have helped me to move forward in my life.” ~ Tracey D.

“What a positive impact you have had on my life.  In my quest to maintain control of everything I was losing control and losing myself.  I’m so excited to be reclaiming myself and to be starting to peel back the layers to show my authentic self.  Thanks for the gift Vince!” ~ Brandi Thorton

“Working with Vince was like taking a breath of air for the first time. It was in many ways for me where I began to see the world and myself more clearly.” ~ Vanessa L.

“Working with Vince has inspired me to stretch myself professionally and personally beyond what I had ever believed possible 6 months ago. And, funnily enough, the incredible success I’ve experienced has seemed rather effortless as a result of his coaching. Working with him is the best gift I have ever given myself.” Lea C., Executive

“Through coaching I learned the life skills to make conscious choices, not just to be reactive and controlled by fear or some other unconscious emotion. I have learned that I can choose how I view and exist in the world and the kinds of experiences I attract. Coaching taught me to accept and appreciate my genuine self and not live through some phoney role. Above all, it gave me “life tools” for a more peaceful existence.” Gina

“The process of coaching supported me to live a more meaningful life by lovingly challenging my patterns and ways that no longer served me. The cycle of re-discovery helped me reach a sustainable level of new living. Coaching gave me the time and support to discover what I wanted to change, then time to practice the change, and ultimately the strength to enter the next level or layer of deep change. I now feel more freedom and joy than I have for many, many years.” ~ Michelle G.

“Vince has been an unwavering source of light and support in helping me to own my power and truth. Coaching, and having Vince as a coach, has been exactly what I need to become “unstuck” from some of the persistent patterns I have acted out over the years. Vince is gifted in his ability to instantly “see” you and understand you. I have found more balance and peace in my life and feel this has laid a foundation for even more growth and more change as I explore my true potential. Coaching has given me deep and profound change and I am so grateful for Vince’s faith and belief in me.” ~ Lindsay N.

“Vince is an incredibly perceptive, intuitive and skilled coach. Each call was healing with deep listening, encouraging words, practical exercises and resources that resonated uniquely with me. Vince empowered me to push my “play” button and guided me to release the “pause” button that held me stuck in shut down mode for a long time. Vince’s heartwork coaching moved me through disempowerment to discover my inner strengths and reclaim my confidence. I am ready and prepared with all I learned to stand strong in my power and let my light shine brightly through. Bottom line is I am now grounded in my best self thanks to Vince! My heart is truly grateful!” ~ G. Jones

“Vince is simplicity, presence, aliveness, skilled and knowledgeable. The shifts I have made during and after my coaching sessions with him are powerful and meaningful.” ~ Morgan

“Vince put me completely at ease. Talking with him felt completely natural, safe and inviting, helping me to reflect deeply, and having a lasting impact.” ~ Jennifer S.

“Working with Vince has helped me in re-evaluating who I am and who I want to be. With his coaching, I am setting goals that support my values, that will help me realize my aspirations, and through which I am finding greater happiness every day. By working with a personal coach, I feel I am truly honouring myself.” ~ Isabelle W.

“Coaching has been a unique experience that I am truly grateful for. There was something inside of me bursting to get out and, with Vince’s help, I am learning how to reach it.” ~ Gloria A.