Because of the success my clients are experiencing being healed with starlight, I am no longer offering this form of ceremonial work. For now, I highly recommend Eric Bowers. He is skilled with trauma-based somatic therapy and communication skills, among other things. He also teaches online programs. 


“Vince was unequivocally confident when he said to me, ‘You’ll never be the same’. I haven’t been since the ceremony. I had a sacred and ineffable encounter with the numinous that has changed my life and I experienced deep healing around my deceased father. A great deal of old, heavy energy was released from my body and I now have more vitality than I have had in years, and it feels amazing! More so, my leg pain and sleep have also improved dramatically. It’s been a long time since I have slept as deeply and well as I do now. Thank you Vince for your healing heart and hands. May you continue to hear the pain of the heart below the plethora of words spoken by those who come to you for help.” ~ Alma

If interested and ready, the ceremonial work I lead may be the next step in your healing journey. 

Drawing upon the power of ritual, the healing properties of certain plant medicines, the vibrational gifts of sound healing, and various somatic counselling practices, individuals benefit from deep energy healing and powerful shifts in emotional and physical health. Clients have received immediate relief from chronic pain, low energy and other somatic ailments, as well as improvements in mood, sleep, vitality, self-esteem and relationships.

The prerequisite for my ceremonial work is that you must do an intake session plus at least one counselling session in-person or via Skype. During these initial foundational sessions I can answer more questions and help you determine if ceremony would be a helpful healing path for you. 

“Thanks to our ceremonies, my physical body transformed dramatically. For years I coped with chronic pain and inflammation that resulted in a painful deformation in both hands, and I suffered limited mobility and strength in most major joints. After the first two ceremonies, my deformed fingers became straight again, which had not been the case for the previous five years. As we continued our work, my circulation improved, pain diminished, mobility returned, and energy and vitality was felt more fully. All these internal shifts translated into outer changes. For years I lived very isolated, fearful of the world; yet, the ceremonial work helped me gain the confidence to explore new events, ideas, places and people – often on my own! Vince assisted me in getting to know, accept and love all parts of me.” ~ Lana

Fee & Structure:

The ceremony is 4.5 hours long and costs $500. And as with my other services, I require a 24 hour cancellation notice. However, because the ceremony takes up more than half my working day and the time slot possibly difficult to fill should you cancel, I ask for a $250 deposit. Should you cancel after the deposit is paid, it is only refundable if I can fill that time with other clients. How much is reimbursed is dependent on how much of that time slot I can fill. 

To begin the process and book your intake, please send me an email at heal@vincegowmon.com.

For complete information on all my prices and the payment options I accept, please visit my Fees & Structure page.

What others are saying:
“Vince provided a sense of complete safety during ceremony. That safety, in turn, allowed me to surrender and trust. Vince incorporated his musical giftedness as part of the ceremony, while remaining astutely attuned to my internal experience. What unfolded was a deep release of long held grief, as well as connection to a pure and beautiful place of sacred expression that wants to move through me and out into the world. Weeks later, the ceremony continues to reverberate. It’s as if a huge sigh was let go. There’s a new capacity to move through the world with ease and assurance. My life is forever changed.” ~ Jodie

“Vince’s ceremonies have been utterly life changing. I came to him feeling weighed down, broken and alone, yet, particularly after the fourth and most recent ceremony, I felt whole, and a million times lighter inside. I was able to connect with and let go of old childhood wounds and clear a lot of energy that was holding me back. I felt, and continue to feel, a deep, pervading love that now helps me be a better mother. My work with Vince has been so profound in ways that I never imagined possible. I have a deep respect for Vince and trust in him that words cannot truly express. He is a gifted healer and I’m beyond grateful.” ~ Samantha

“Highly intuitive, Vince is a gifted healer who brings a variety of elements to each ceremony. He creates a compassionate, protected, safe, open, accepting environment that fosters the opportunity for deep healing and release.” ~ Tammy

“Vince’s compassionate presence and guidance created the space to process some deep grief that had been held in my lung since I was a child. The physical pain had become so alarming that I was planning to go see a doctor for answers and relief. After a profound session with Vince, the pain had passed and weeks later has completely disappeared. I am very grateful to have worked through the source of my emotional and physical distress with the help of Vince’s intuitive healing.” ~ Louise

“Intensely moving, fascinating and profound. Thank you Vince for the healing I received. Since our ceremony I have felt a renewed sense of excitement and self-worth which continues to resonate.” ~ Thomas