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14 Play Values

Play Value #1 ~ Permission To truly enjoy the playground of life, the first place to start is giving yourself permission to be playful. Permission is an affirmation that it is safe for our inner child to come out and play. For many of us this was not the case growing up, and so the path of remembering to play may not be easy at first. Compounded with many years of being a serious adult with responsibilities, it’s no wonder play has lost its place in our heart....

The Spirit of Yes And

Yes But sees Limitations. Yes And sees Possibilities. But Separates. And Joins. We live in a society that is well trained to say Yes But. We are more conditioned to see limits than possibilities. Saying Yes is respecting your, or someone else’s, feeling, idea or circumstance and being open to what it may have to offer. It is about acknowledging, appreciating and including without judgement, without the need to fix, and without even the need to agree. Saying And is finding creative ways to build upon it and...

Can You Be Here In The Emptiness?

by Vince Gowmon Can you be here in the emptiness?  Where the heart is open And the mind is clear The body wants nothing And you’re open to hear A sound in the wind A brush of a tree The storm of the night The voice beyond the dream Can you be here in the emptiness?  Where over the days And over the years It’s been calling to you Beyond your fears Come back to this moment Come back right now Come back from your dream It’s here...