Banks of a Wild River

Banks of a Wild River

In play,
children remain in a fluid, flexible state.
Moment by moment
they open to greater, more creative versions
of themselves.
They touch and bloom
the seed of potential
in their heart.

in their mischief, imagination and spontaneous explorations,
don’t try to become someone.
They are someone already.
They know this without knowing it.
They feel the larger instinct of life
pulsating through their veins,
calling them
to reach and spiral into
infinite potential.

Be sure in educating and parenting
our most precious little ones,
you do not shape this natural unfolding
into what it doesn’t want to be.
Instead, give it space to breathe,
to run freely.

Let any rules and structures you use be like
banks of a wild river,
guiding children to fuller and fuller
expressions of the Mystery
we are all one with.


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