Archangel Uriel Healing & Activation 

A transformative online ceremony for awakening your archangelic presence and inspiring crystalline clarity and love

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  • Can’t attend?: You can still receive the healing & activation if not on Zoom
  • Cost: $77 CDN
  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
  • Minimum age to attend on Zoom: The legal age of majority (adulthood) in the country you reside in
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Perhaps more than anything else, when praying to God, or to Jesus, Mother Mary or any other ascended being, it is clarity we seek. “Please help me with my son’s sickness.” “What is my purpose in life?” “Why has this befallen me?” “Why do I continue attracting / staying in these sorts of relationships?” “Why is there so much suffering / evil in the world?” “Why do I feel so strange?”

Clarity is increasingly something people are looking for. Fear does that, as does confusion; both of which are taking hold in the collective consciousness at an exponential rate as inflation rises, food shortages grow, farmland is confiscated, autoimmune and neurological illnesses spread, threats of war escalate, and more. Much more. People want answers. People want Truth! Yet, simultaneously, they don’t. Most, at this time, are still afraid or unwilling to take in the larger picture, which is overwhelming, polarizing and full of paradox. And they are too busy contributing to the toxicity through their judgments, gossip, victimhood and general (social media) reactivity.

Despite dire appearances, these extreme imbalances are serving a higher, life-giving purpose: they are paradoxically moving people towards clarity and empowered choice. Dark forces are strangely ushering us towards light — the destined Age of Light.

The proverb of hope, it’s darkest before the dawn, reminds us of the blessing of extremes. As does the splendour of stars that twinkle most in our eyes when the sky is blackest. We can also look to our dark nights of the soul for inspiration. Often the daylight of clarity finally dawns in the womb-space of no-thing, when we reach the peak moment of let-go and can hang on no more; and when all seems but gone. 

As the saying goes, “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.” In the intensifying perfect storm, in the breaking down of dysfunctional systems, space is being made for light, and thus crystalline — Christ-aligned — clarity. In making themselves more obvious, the dark forces engineering global collapse are causing millions to finally say, with levels of shock, anger, disgust, fear and relief, “Oh, now I see!” People are waking up through the darkness, for they see its deceptive games. Their heartbreak is creating breakdown and breakthrough — an opening for light and love to shine through like never before, and illumine newfound vision and possibilities.  

Lucifer, Satan, Ahriman, however you wish to call the Dark Force influencing the dark players on Earth, is fulfilling its timeless, sacred purpose of catalyzing spiritual evolution. This is the paradoxical dance between dark and light, an age-old archetypal rhythm that moves destruction and creation, fall and spring, grief and love, death and rebirth. So long as we are in a form of this density and dimension, we cannot avoid these and other dances of polarity.

The growing chaos and confusion will not stay this way. It’s not humanity’s destiny to surrender to a digital dystopia. Weaving and swirling, dancing with darkness, light only grows stronger on Mother Earth, clearing hearts, minds and bodies across her sentient body, and bringing the Golden Dawn.

Do not underestimate the Divine Plan,
a Plan that works in synchrony with the dark plan.
They spiral and rise together,
as one, in a perfect storm.
But the storm must grow strong enough
for the masses to awaken,
and so the system can dissolve,
such that people are freed from
their history of enslavement.
And so no matter how bad it gets,
see not just a rising of dark,
but its sublime co-arising with light,
feel and trust the hidden,
ancient Intelligence within it all,
that is, above all, Love,
a Love whose time has come.

This sacred ceremony comes to empower you through this Great Rebirth — the Great Clearing or dying of the old, so newfound Crystalline Soul Clarity & Love can be born in your heart and human awareness. Archangel Uriel, known as the Angel of Wisdom and Illumination, is here to shine his Radiance upon you and expand your capacity to see with real eyes and realize the abundance of empowering possibilities within and before you.

Via a direct transmission from his Oversoul, Uriel initiates next-level activation of vision, intuitive or subtle perception, heartfelt discernment, wisdom, and other divine qualities encoded in your Soul. Making up your divine genetic blueprint, these are the crystalline light codes that lay nestled against the full length of your biological DNA, waiting to come alive and rebirth your human awareness. More broadly speaking, resonating with Uriel’s unique consciousness activates the qualities associated with his ancient archangelic Soul, equally and uniquely encoded in your angelic blueprint. To the degree you are open and ready, you come alive more fully to the consciousness of Uriel in psychosomatic, heartfelt resonance. Your heart, mind and body calibrate to newfound crystalline clarity, empowering you to see through darkness and blaze glowing trails.

Let’s briefly look at who Uriel is. One of the Chief Archangels, along with Metatron, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, his name means Fire of God in Hebrew. He is often seen with a flame in his palm symbolizing purification (alchemy / transmutation), Light of Truth, and crystal clarity. With heat in his name and hand, it makes sense that he is associated with summer, which is why he is sometimes called Sun of God, or considered the Regent of the Sun, and depicted as holding a sun. He is also seen carrying a scroll of parchment, considered a symbol of wisdom, higher knowledge and vision. It could also symbolize that which he “takes note of” that he oversees and is responsible for.

Like other Angels and Archangels, he brings the guiding Light of Truth, as he was known to do for Noah, warning him on God’s behalf of the imminent great flood (Enoch 10:1-4); as he did for Ezra in the apocryphal text 2 Esdras, providing clarity on the nature of life, and particularly the evil of the world; and as he is known within Hebrew literature to have done as one who “makes atonement and brings light to Israel.” (Num. R. ii. 10).

In his epic biblical poem Paradise Lost, written in the 17th century, John Milton describes Uriel as having “the sharpest-sighted spirit of all in Heaven.” Being sharp-sighted means utilizing the sword of discernment that is within us all, a piercing sword much needed at this time of great illusion. It is a heartfelt clarity we need for all areas of our challenging life; and yet, it is one that people fear as much as they desire. 

Clarity is about seeing things as they are, not necessarily how we want them to be. This makes being clear hard and scary at times. We want the convenient answer, not the answer we need or that’s uncomfortably true. We don’t realize how much our lack of clarity comes from being unwilling to perceive, receive and feel unsettling truth, here, now, in plain sight; or from within, the truth our Higher Self patiently conveys to us, but that we push away. 

Being clear can therefore take courage; because clarity may not only create uncomfortable feelings, but summon us to make difficult choices. With clarity, we can no longer deny that we need to leave a codependent relationship or toxic job, and why this is so. With clarity, we can no longer deny how much we’ve been ignoring our self-care / body. With clarity we can no longer deny the dark truths of the world, and the Great Rebirth summoning our vulnerable rebirth. With clarity, we can no longer hide behind “I don’t know.” 

Healing trauma and programming is helpful, if not necessary, to clear filters of perception and veils to higher knowing, including wounding in our Holy Heart, which is our centre of discernment and Truth. Through Uriel’s safe and loving presence, you have the opportunity to heal old imprints that keep you stuck, closed, unwilling, afraid, and thus unavailable to a broader, higher range of clarity and empowering possibilities. For example, you can ask Uriel to clear “I don’t deserve love,” “I’ll be shunned,” “I need to take care of him/her,” “Success is dangerous,” “I’m not worth it”; beliefs that if left unattended can keep you rooted in shadows of lethargy, isolation, neediness, burnout, and health problems.

It’s not easy, if possible, to ascertain the multi-generational and multi-lifetime trauma and programming veiling us from heartfelt clarity and keeping us attached to patterns of pain and suffering. Fortunately, you don’t need to know the details to transcend these shadows. You can trust Uriel to do the heavy lifting for you; to use his Flame to transmute that which you are ready to clear so the Crystalline Light of Clarity & Love, and their manifold divine expressions, can shine more fully through your heart, mind and body, and through the darkness of these times.

Via the link below, you are guided to set healing empowerment intentions for anything you want. Nothing is too much to ask from the Angel of Wisdom and Illumination. Most importantly, trust your heart, and the loving and safe power of Uriel to serve your journey home. 

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