Ankh of Life Healing & Activation

A transformative online ceremony for receiving advanced healing from and being initiated into the mysteries of the Ankh

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  • Minimum age to receive the healing & activation: 9 years ~ please read the FAQ’s pertaining to children
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The Ankh of Life is a creative force and holy instrument with no limits in its capacity to transmit pure frequencies, transform consciousness, and uplift the body, mind, soul. It was a sacred jewel in the crown of the royal consciousness of ancient Egypt that’s never been lost; for the Ankh lives on in the Field of Life, and within your soul that holographically mirrors it. 

This ceremony is a unique opportunity for you to be healed and initiated by the Ankh of Life. It’s as if you go far back in time, a return to this ancient temple culture, where you commune with the Ankh’s mysterious presence and its multi-ray transmission. You harmonize with its ascension wisdom, the advanced teacher it is, and open to the frequencies you are ready to embody that this Force of Life radiates into you.

Revered in ancient Egypt, the Ankh of Life is one of the most prominent of all symbols in this land’s hieroglyphs and art. From paintings to reliefs, statues to amulets, the Ankh is woven throughout Egypt’s rich spiritual and cultural traditions. Its presence goes far back into pre-history, even before Lemuria, when Egypt was known as Kemet, and during a Golden Age led by Hathor. Yet, the Ankh’s influence is not limited to this geographic region. As this article points out, it has been found in other cultures nearby; in the art and pantheons of Syria, Canaan (Palestine) and Anatolia (Turkey), as well as in the Meroitic Kingdom, just south of Egypt in modern-day Sudan. 

For the most part, the Ankh is a mystery to today’s Egyptologists, archeologists and scholars. There is a lack of understanding of its central role in crafting culture and serving humanity. Let me begin by inviting you to consider that the Ankh was a healer and initiator used by only the highest adepts to advance individuals into new states of consciousness and stages of soul development. Only those who had passed the difficult tests of ancient mystery schools, who had purified their soul through lifetimes of initiations, and who had reached a status akin to a High Priest / Priestess or Hierophant, could have access to the Ankh and use it wisely in service. Lifetimes of inner alchemy and preparation would merge and harmonize initiates with the consciousness of the Ankh and the pure frequencies it transmits. At one with this sacred instrument, the High Adept could allow a crystalline flow of unfiltered energy, of unlimited power and love, to radiate from the Ankh to the recipient. 

If ready and open, with overseeing guidance from the High Adept, an individual would be healed by, and initiated into communion with, the Ankh and the rays it transmitted. As an example, the Ankh may radiate Diamond light or the frequencies of Emerald into the initiate, which would transmute old shadow imprints spanning lifetimes. Further, the transmission of these and other rays would activate the light codes synonymous with them that exist as part of the initiate’s Soul Code and that lay dormant in their carbon DNA. Through a process of resonant mirroring, the unique frequencies and divine qualities of Diamond light, Emerald, or whatever ray was being transmitted by the Ankh, would come alive in the initiate’s psychobiology. Neural pathways and kundalini and other subtle energy channels would open and charge, and the initiate’s human awareness would be uplifted to new heights of Crystalline or Christ-aligned Consciousness. 

The Ankh is thus a powerful bridge to the divine. In a vignette from the Book of the Dead, sisters Isis and Nephthys sit on reed mats around the upright djed, or pillar, representing the renewed and eternal Osiris. Resting on top of the djed is a large Ankh with arms reaching up from its intersecting point to the Solar disc it holds above. This reaching demonstrates the divine union the Ankh serves, an upliftment from the phenomenal or material plane to the One Light we are. All three — the djed, Ankh and Solar disc — act as one motif of ascension and eternality to which Isis and Nephthys give reverence in a ritualistic act of communion.

The Ankh was a magickal altar for ancient Egyptians to ceremonially gather around and give themselves to; an altar that, like the Holy Cross and all true altars, alters consciousness. It was like a church they visited, a holy temple that transmitted the holy templates or codes of life. Like the Golden Template, that, when activated, births the golden potentials of our soul into our temple body, making it a more sacred site capable of holding and radiating higher frequencies. 

The Ankh, indeed, far beyond what I can convey here, birthed so much into ancient Egyptian culture. The teardrop shaped oval at the top can be considered a representation of the Womb of Life, or what I call Sophia’s Black Womb. Sophia, which means wisdom in Greek, is another name for the Divine Mother or Creatrix, She who birthed everything into existence. From the still Unmanifest Love within Her Heart Womb arose the Divine Masculine principle, the expression of divine will, which materialized the Divine Feminine into an unfathomable multiplicity of celestial light bodies, including our body, mind, soul complex. The three straight lines of the Ankh show this outward and descending materializing impulse from Sophia’s Heart Womb, the movement from the Unmanifest to the manifest. 

Flipping the Ankh upside-down, we can imagine how it mirrors the reproductive system of a woman — her ovaries and uterus / womb. 

From the still zero-point of unity and eternity that is the Heart of Sophia’s Black Womb, we are birthed into the illusion of separateness and the temporal. With half a figure-eight, or infinity, above the Ankh’s straight lines, we can see eternal life transcendent of the ephemeral manifest, mortal or finite plane. Turning towards the Ankh in ritual and through initiation, we reach for our primordial, eternal, non-dual nature; as if climbing The Tree of Life, up the trunk, branching out from our illusory singular “me” into the Singularity and Multiplicity of Oneness, of Solar Light. Turning towards the Ankh, we turn the Key to Eternal Life, which it’s also called, and re-turn to our Soul Source, our God Consciousness. 

This turning towards and divine union with the Ankh and the rays it radiates is poetically demonstrated in this famous relief above. Here, we see the Pharaoh Akhenaton and his wife Queen Nefertiti with their three young children being bathed by rays of Solar Light. At the nose/mouth of both spiritual leaders, and where the nose/mouth of one child is raised close to those of Akhenaton’s, there are Ankhs beautifully held by hands that bring the radiance of the Solar disc above. From a Christian perspective, this could be seen as a baptism, an initiation into holy communion. It is a celebration of the human family in harmonious union with the Family of Light, with the Ankh being a portal or bridge. 

This communion can be further understood as breathing in life, with the Ankh also representing the life principle or Breath of Life. Breath is related to in-spire and re-spire. With each inhale, we are breathing in Spirit. In respiring, we are becoming inspired through God’s Holy Breath that breathes and animates us in every sacred moment. Having the Ankh close to the nose and mouth wondrously demonstrates just this, a baptism through breath. 

Another example of the Ankh’s connection to the Breath of Life is seen in this Egyptian artwork. The Sun God Amun-Re or Amen-Ra (Amen meaning divinity concealed or invisible) presents the Ankh to the Pharaoh Thutmose IV, in what we can infer as a ceremonial rite or confirmation, with the latter being initiated by the former who is considered the King of Gods in Egyptian lore. There are other art depictions of one placing the Ankh next to another’s nose and mouth, such as a relief in the Temple of Isis at Philae where Isis is seen offering it to her beloved Osiris.  

Now, briefly, before I return to this healing and activation ceremony and close, let’s travel beyond this understanding of how the Ankh of Life transformed culture through uplifting the sacred sites of human beings, to how it could have transformed culture through the building of sacred megalithic sites. I invite you to wonder about the possibility that the Ankh dematerialized and materialized objects; and more, that it shaped them with precision, and transported them as if light as a feather. What if the Ankh of Life was instrumental in building temples and pyramids? No army of humans, in the ways our historians have depicted, could have achieved this supernal accomplishment of exquisite detail and precision, of geographical and astrological alignment, and with stones carrying significant tonnage. And so, what if the Ankh’s work of uplifting culture extended to lifting up these sublimely precise and detailed ceremonial gathering places, initiation sites and divine portals? 

Circling back to you and this ceremony, you now have a better understanding of how holy, powerful and truly ancient the Ankh is. This ceremony is your unique opportunity to be healed and initiated by its sacred presence; to merge and harmonize with its consciousness and be baptized by the rays it emanates. A direct transmission from the Ankh transmutes old trauma and limiting patterns / programming; purifies, activates and unifies your chakras; and opens portals to higher, embodied ways of being. With help from the Ankh, you embrace more of the Crystalline Multi-Raydiance and Sovereign Power you are. 

Via the link below, you are encouraged to set intentions for any healing empowerments you want, whether that be in the realm of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Nothing is too much to ask. Most of all, trust your heart, and that mystical Ankh of Life will know exactly how to serve your return to the One you already are.

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